Types of Keywords, you need to understand first how many types of keywords are in SEO which you need to target for your business, When you target the right keywords through SEO, that’s when you can have the right visitors.

Types of Keywords

1. Short Tail Keywords/ Head Keywords 2. Long Tail Keywords 3. Brand Keywords 4. Broad Keywords 5. Exact Keywords 6. Buyer Keywords

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords, as the name, indicates this is short-term keywords, which contain two to three words.

Users search through short keywords sometimes these keywords are also called head keywords.

Long Tail Keywords:

Long-tail keywords are more specific and high buyer intent keywords, As word specified when someone searches for something exact they search exact words

Long-tail keywords have less competition and lower search volume. That’s why you can target those keywords and can get the most conservative users on your website.

Brand Keywords

Brand Keywords are well-known keywords that include brands name with product names along with product types or it can be the intentional searching keyword which is a type of keywords.

– Sugar Foundation – Sugar Lipsticks – Sugar Contour

Broad keywords have the potential to gain more web traffic with less competition, as these board keywords are specific and general terms.

google ads can display in any search which is related to your targeted keyword

Broad Keywords