Will Nuka World Power Plant Key Ever Rule the World?


There is a way to get power turned on after you do the the quest to kill the Raiders what I was reading was that you had to have a pack and get on top of the building 7 that’s not true there is a way to go through the building and get power turned on so I will show you in this video I do not have the right equipment to do this and this is my first time doing a voice commentary without a good mic and all that so I hope it turns out bear with me if it doesn’t we’ll see how this goes I missed the first part you just basically¬† go into the building and work your way up and you really can’t get lost there’s a couple ways to go up once you see those big kind of generator looking things you’ll know you’re in the right place just keep working your way up and you will see how to go about getting the power turned on without having to have a jetpack you will run into quite a few little ghouls hanging out around here so hopefully you’ll have some good weapons with you excuse my little hunting arrow there’s one right there hello Tess usually takes care of those for me she likes to ignite them watch them explode into a ball of flame which is a lot of fun for me I like having her around guess I was thirsty looking for a we’re still working our way looking for whatever we can find bit of a scavenger I like picking up and you have tons and tons of which comes in handy when you go your settlement builds love those because they do have the Brotherhood quest where you have to make coolant and all that stuff for for money which you can make a lot of money collecting technical documents and doing that coolant stuff for the pruin we’re still working our way up in case you don’t know and I don’t have it in this video 50 there spoiler alert there is power armor hidden in this building also I kind of stumbled across it it’s kind of hidden back in a corner in a locked area it doesn’t look you know anything that’s special but it’s here cuz you’re a power armor collector nuka world power plant. I have a feeling something is going to pop out of that door when I’m not looking there’s some little ghouls hanging out to give them a little surprise hello for once I was at the home hello I knew he was going to do that these guys are really tough in the world for some reason and I’m a level-one 12 and they were still there health is amazing see even got tests of ours all right guys miss no leg sorry dude¬† you’ve even more burnt now Oh his burns are disappearing God self-healing ghoul all right that was my phone oops figures recording so this is the latter I almost missed it knocked out but that is the latter that you go up to to get to the room that has the power switch and I walked in didn’t see it the first time turned around on my coat wonder where that goes and I accidentally kind of go around looking it’s the hoarder and me going around collecting stuff and you have to go outside it’s actually not the room I lied go outside and follow this pipe around anything well there’s really nothing here but you know stairs always go location. Somewhere and I really did not thank you to get to it but I was pleasantly surprised that it’s hidden back here in the corner as videos I was watching you had to have a jet pack to get up here which I have but I just thought I would explore and find my own way I’m always thinking something’s key for nuka world bottling pant going to pop out and scare the crap out of me and after you kill the Raiders that door magically becomes open you don’t even have to walk pick it and there’s the glories button looking around again because I am hoarder I like to put stuff in my settlement so sorry for me looking around I also like to read everything there is but I cut that out of this video so you would have to look at all that and here we go going to turn power on which I’m glad I did this at night because it really looks kind of awesome and the building which kind of freaked out four men here we go little explosions all over the place it’s pretty cool it really looks neat all lit up very cool our bird’s-eye view from up here too it’s really neat now I can go ride all the rides thanks for watching and check back with me.

Picture credit: @player.one

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