What To Expect When You Visit A Spine Specialist? 

Back pain may be caused due to old age or accidents, or any other reasons. We must first take the help of home remedies and self-care. If the pain is getting worse day by day, then you must visit a back doctor asap if the back pain: 

● Has been there for more than a few weeks 

● It is not getting better, and REST(rest, ice, compression, evaluation) is not working. 

● Spreading down both legs

● Is causing weakness in both legs or one

● Is leading to sudden weight loss 

● Is causing bladder problems 

What is the main reason behind back pains? 

Back pains are quite common these days; people of every age group are affected by this. The main reason behind the increase in number is sitting in the wrong posture for several hours. We all have noticed that while watching tv, mobile phones, laptops, and even while walking, we are in the wrong posture. 

Back pain might increase if we don’t take proper rest. If the pain is not relieved by home remedies, immediately contact a spine surgeon Leesburgand book an appointment. 

Risk factors involved in developing back pain:

Several factors are contributing to the development of back pain. According to the back doctor, these are the main reason: 

●      Age 

Back pain is more common in elders; people above the age of 30 are at higher risks due to lack of calcium in bones.

●      Excessive weight 

Excess body weight can cause a lot of stress on your back, and your bones might not handle it, leading to unnatural curvature. Due to excess body fat, chemicals are produced, which contribute to joint damage. 

●      Lack of exercise 

Proper exercise helps keep the body healthy if we don’t exercise, our back and abdomen muscles might weaken, leading to back pain.

●      Smoking 

Smoking increases the risk of osteoporosis and decreases the blood flow to the spine, increasing the risks of back problems. 

●      Improper exercising 

Doing the exercises improperly can lead to bad posture and eventually leading to back pain. Most people going to the gym have problems regarding back; the main reason is the improper lifting of weight or excessive pressure on the back. 

●      Diseases 

People who are suffering from arthritis or cancer are more prone to have back pain.

How to avoid back pain? 

Back pains can be easily avoided if we adopt a healthy lifestyle. If the back pain is not relieved, immediately seek medical attention. Here are some tricks by which you can keep your back healthy and strong: 

●      Exercise 

Aerobic exercises increase your back’s strength and endurance and help the muscles function better. Take advice from the back doctor about what exercises you might do.

●      Increasing muscle strength

Do core exercises so that your abdominal and back becomes strong. These exercises help to make the muscles work together efficiently.

●      Maintaining a healthy weight. 

If you have a healthy weight, your back muscles and ligaments won’t be strained. 

●      Maintain a neutral position 

Don’t slouch while walking, sitting, or doing activities. Slouching can lead to an unnatural spinal position. 

Can we straighten the spine? 

Bad spinal posture can be corrected with continuous monitoring and the correct approach. Naturally correcting the spinal position is possible. It is possible to make improvements even on the postures that have been there for years. 

Most of the back pains are relieved; there is very little chance that the prevention fails. Remember, it’s never too late to correct your posture. Contact your back doctor and stand tall again. 

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