What To Expect From The Egg Donor Agencies?

egg donor

Egg Donation has come up as a big solution for those who want to enjoy parenthood but cannot do so as they may not be physically fit to carry the pregnancy, or they may be single or gay.

Egg Donation is a Third Party Reproduction.

It is how a woman donates eggs, and these eggs enable another woman to conceive. Before egg donation as a solution, people who could not bear their own children were left with adoption as the only option. As medical science advanced, there came some new and innovative solutions, and egg donation is one.

Now, it is no more a far-fetched idea. It is practically possible and becoming a common practice.

Egg Donor’s Legal Status Different From Country To Country.

In the U.S., it is legal, whether or not anonymous and egg donors may be compensated. Though the American Society for reproductive medicine (ASRM) has issued guidelines for the procedure, the Egg Donor Agencies in the U.S. have a legal choice to abide by ASRM regulations.

For any donor to become appealing to an agency, certain criteria have to be met;

  • Such as the donor is healthy with good family background,
  • Well educated, and meets the agency’s age limit.

In the U.S., there may be anonymous or semi-anonymous donors recruited by the egg donor agencies. 

Listed below are some points which can be expected from an agency:

  • Any agency which recruits and screens the egg donors has to go through IVF stimulation therapy to be followed by an egg retrieval procedure.
  • The recipients, who approach the donor egg agency, choose the donor from the agency’s profiles or database. These repute agencies try to match the donor’s physical and temperamental characteristics with that of a recipient.
  • Egg donor is then referred to a psychologist who will evaluate the mental health and preparedness to take up the procedure.
  • Once this is done, she must undergo a medical examination to test if she is fit enough and not suffering from any diseases. Even the family history needs to be confirmed for any congenital disease or genetic ailment.
  • Agency also has a legal team that drafts the legal contract, keeping in mind both the parties’ interests. They are assigned separate attorneys to represent them.

With the development of technology, the egg donation procedure has become more advanced, and the chances of a higher success rate cannot be denied. This is a big break-through for those who yearned for their baby.

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