What Foods Destroy Testosterone?

Food items as a part of diet directly affect the health of a male. A male with poor health will have low testosterone as compared to a male with a healthy diet and robust health.

There is no single food that can destroy the testosterone level in males, but a poor diet with a higher portion of certain food items can definitely impact the testosterone levels in males. There are certain food items, which in excess amounts, destroy testosterone levels in males. Low testosterone levels increase erection difficulties. Low testosterone is one of the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, which is the inability of a male to get and sustain an erection for completion of an intimate session.  

Food items that destroy testosterone levels

Food items with higher content of sugar and refined carbohydrates

White bread, pasta, white rice, pastries and cakes are the widely used refined carbohydrate products. These products are quickly digested and release sugar and increase insulin levels in the bloodstream. Their impact on testosterone levels is indirect. The excess consumption increases weight, and weight gain reduces testosterone levels. That is the reason why doctors and nutritionists recommend weight loss to boost testosterone levels.

Medical observations also highlight the fact that obesity is one of the lifestyle issues that causes erectile dysfunction by lowering testosterone levels. The males who cut their obesity levels also reduced their dependence on Sldenafil citrate 200mg a higher dose for severe erection issues.

Processed meat

Processed meat is high in sodium, calories, trans-fats and preservatives. The packaged and processed meat is also sprayed with chemicals to keep their natural flavor and enhance shelf life. Excess consumption triggers hormonal imbalances. The overall result is low testosterone levels in males. Medical studies have confirmed that males with high consumption of processed meat items had lower testosterone levels and sperm count compared to males who eat a healthy diet without excess processed meat.

Soy food

Soy food items such as tofu contain phytoestrogens, which researchers believe are similar to estrogen hormones in the female body. They believe that a male with higher estrogen levels will have lower testosterone levels.  Phytoestrogen interferes with testosterone levels in the body, by reducing the androgen receptors activity. The result will be that even the testosterone level in the body will not give the desired results. The substance from soy food with inactivates androgen receptors. Without androgen receptors the testosterone cannot work.

 The result was based on observations that breast tenderness emerged in males with higher soy consumptions. Males with higher estrogen levels showed breast tenderness. When males cut their soy consumption, the estrogen levels and breast tenderness returned to the normal levels. 

Trans fat

Tran’s fats are unsaturated fat harmful to the body. Foods rich in Trans fats are prepared with vegetable oil or hydrogen oil. The hydrogenation process makes Trans fat highly inflammatory increasing risk of coronary diseases. The unhealthy Trans fat increases bad cholesterol in heart vessels. The result is reduction in blood circulation and adverse impact on erection process. The overall result is an adverse impact on testosterone levels in the body. Even if there is a higher testosterone level in the body, the man is not able to get the desired result because of clogged blood arteries. Doctors suggest a higher dose like generic Cialis 60mg  to overcome stiff erection resistance.

Fried foods

 All fried food items have high levels of PUFAs, polyunsaturated fatty acid, which do not support a healthy testosterone level in our body. The fried items are made to contain high sodium, and other taste enhancers, which have adverse impact on health. Excess consumption of fried items increases polyunsaturated fatty acid which cuts testosterone levels.

Sugary items

High concentration of sugar in bloodstream adversely affects sex hormones. Sugar, like glucose, fructose gets metabolized by the liver where the excess fat gets stored. The excess fat lowers the sex hormone binding globulin gene, which drops the level of protein, which control the levels of testosterone in the body.


A balanced diet is the healthiest diet for maintaining health and keeping the healthy testosterone levels in the body. Even if you cannot avoid sugary or fried food items, restrict their quantity and compensate for indulgence with exercises and a healthy lifestyle. Keep smoking and alcohol levels to moderate levels to avoid damage to blood vessels, which supply blood to vital organs including the pelvic area, which contains the male organ.

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