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Breaking into a good game is a goal for all golf aficionados and a lot have been dying for tips to break 80.

This is a very elusive number.  Magical as it is, this is most desired even by pro golfers.  See the possibilities on how to have this on your golf menu:

Mastering tee shots: These have to be mastered as these are taken off the tee area using any kind of club.  Losing many strokes while in a game is a cause of misplay and error-filled games.  This has to be taken in close consideration.  The most number of erratic games that you play, unless corrected early, could bring you to play so-so games in the future.

This could divert your attention in playing a good several games that are actually good; considering the fact that it is not advisable to stay and play for 24 hours when you are not trying to correct what wrong moves you have made.

In every game, breaking into a few erratic shots can lead you to play a marred game; a game that has been doomed from the start. In this error, tips to break 80 are put to shame. Never worry about your overall score as it won’t bring you good either; what good will it do in trying to find out how you fared when you know from the start that you have made a lot of boo-boos to boot?

 On the other hand, it is also wise to know how you fared for this will bring you into your senses and you might want to try once again to do the best that you can to enhance the next game.

Consider distance: This is one way of achieving mastery in your tee shots and if only you could master tips to break 80, you can help aid yourself and be guided with the right rules. Driving hard deep into the woods can set you up for a bogey at the end of that particular hole.

One has to become skillful enough to achieve a good shot. Having control over the distance of your shot is a virtual winner. Setting up for possible eagles on par 5, and somehow birdies on other holes can eventually pout your score into, most likely, 70’s and this is not a bad idea.

Use bigger clubs:  This could help you make achieve more distance.  These clubs are larger and heavier than any other clubs inside your bag. Clubs like the 460cc drivers can do good favors for you.

Experiment:  Do test yourself on types of grips.  Sometimes it is on the way you hold the club that influences your performance.  Know how to hold it tightly and when to hold it otherwise. Experiment on tee shots as well; there are kinds of shots that you can get accustomed to but there are shots that simply make you a better player. Being knowledgeable on your kind of play is also one way to enable you to develop a style that is simply your own; this could lead you to a farther distance and not just belong to the beginner level like what you have been 3 years ago or more. These tips to break 80 are not only a guide but this will get you going as far as convenience and style diversity are concerned. If you enjoyed reading this article please visit my golf website at Hamburg Golf

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