PTE EXAM – Is PTE Getting Tough with an Increasing Number of Attempts?

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PTE exam is a challenging task and to ace it, you will require a great level of dedication, determination and hard work. If you think you can just wing it with good command over the English language then you are wrong. You will require to understand the exam format, time allocation of each module and the types of tasks that are asked on the exam. PTE mock test can help you to understand all of these things. It also helps you to evaluate your weaknesses and strengths so you can work on your weaker areas to improve your score.

PTE Exam – Difficulty Levels

If you have failed to succeed in the first attempt and wondering if it gets tougher with an increasing number of attempts then let me first ask you if you were well prepared for the exam when you gave it for the first time. If the answer is no then you need to start practicing right away. You should stop taking the PTE exam for granted. If you are planning to take the exam again then let me tell you that the difficulty levels will remain the same. Only the questions will changed but the type of questions asked will not change. So, no it does not get tough with an increasing number of attempts.

If you are not doing enough practice then even after 5 attempts you will fail. But if you had prepared well and couldn’t make it then there is something that you were lacking. Below are a few practice techniques that will help you to get a good score on your PTE exam in the next attempt.

Read Daily

This is important. You should make a habit of reading a newspaper, blog or book on a daily basis. It will help you to improve your grammar and vocabulary. If you come across a new word then you should look it up and try to use it in a sentence. If you make a conscious effort to use it while talking to your friends and family then it will help you to remember it for a longer time. You should practice reading it loudly. Make proper pause when you come across punctuation. If there is a comma, you should pause for a short time and if there is a full stop then pause for a little longer. 

Talk with your Friends and Family in English

You should communicate with friends and family in English. This will help you to improve your grammar usage and pronunciation. If you make any mistake then they can correct you. You should make a conscious effort to avoid the use of filler while communicating and try to use new words in your conversation. This way your vocabulary will also get improved. 

Listen to Podcasts

You should listen to podcasts or shows. they will help you to get familiar with the accents and pronunciation. You will understand how to make use of intonations while speaking. When to raise your tone and when to drop it. You should notice how the speaker stresses the important words. Try to listen to them while sitting in a noisy environment like a park. That will help you to focus on listening and not getting distracted by the surrounding noise. To improve your content-related knowledge, you should listening to podcasts related to science and social topics. 

Practice Note-taking

You should practice taking down simple notes while listening to podcasts or informative audio. When you try to note down long sentences then you miss out on the whole audio. So you should practice noting down important words. There are different note-taking techniques that you can follow. Practice this while taking a PTE mock test and see if you manage to note down all the main ideas.

Take Grammar, Vocabulary and Brain Exercises

You can find many exercises related to grammar, vocabulary and brain. Try to include them in your PTE preparation. They will help you to improve your grammar usage and also increase your vocabulary base. The brain exercises will help you to improve your brain activity, your memorizing skills and your ability to focus. You will also find a list of collocations and frequently used words. You should read this list daily and try to remember as many words as possible.

Learn Different Strategies and Tricks

There are many documents and PDFs available on the internet that teach you different strategies and tricks of improving your score on the PTE exam. Try to follow them and see if they help you to improve your score on the PTE mock test. 

Take PTE mock testsPTE mock test is a replication of the PTE exam. It follows the same format and each section is timed. You should set a target score in your mind and push yourself to practice thoroughly to reach the goal. If you feel you are prepared to take the exam, you should first take a PTE mock test and see how much you score on it. PTE mock test will give you a rough idea of how much you will score on the actual exam so if you manage to achieve your target score on it then you are ready to take the PTE mock test. You should take it while sitting in a public place like a park. You will learn how to focus on the test while ignoring the surrounding people and noise. This prepares you for the real test environment. 

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