How to Wear Properly White Face Mask During COVID-19

white face mask

Many peoples are wearing a face mask in the street and mall and everywhere nowadays, Peoples wearing a white face mask and a number of times touching the nose, face, and eyes. There are plenty of ways to use a face mask and preventing the spread that coronavirus. 

Experts say: A lot of peoples wearing the mask in the wrong way and not helping out to him. 

However, surgical face masks as well as face cloth white face mask coverings purchased online or created at home are becoming a necessity during the novel coronavirus pandemic that has affected Americans in all 50 states.

But since all of us wearing a face mask now, then we should know the right criteria for how to wear a face mask and how to care for them correctly. 

Let’s Know Some Tips For Properly Wearing White Face Mask:

How to clean my Whiteface mask? How to Wear Properly White Face Mask Medical or Homemade Mask
Pick Mask When it’s Ear Loops
Should Cover Nose and Mouth
Chin Should be Covered
Mask Should be on Nose
Mask Adjustment When Needed

How to Clean my Whiteface Mask?

These masks are made for single use only, So you should dispose of any surgical mask when it’s used one or two times. Not single experts are recommending to use the mask after one-time use, as it’s time to a shortage of masks, So it’s advisable to hand sanitizer the mask and then use. But this should be avoided totally.

How to Wear Properly White Face Mask Medical or Homemade Mask:

After using one time a white face mask it’s advised to use it properly, even when you are purchasing it for you but after one-time use, this is effected with the bacteria and hygiene. So use it only one time or if you can wash it properly and make it dry in front of sunlight.

Pick Mask When it’s Ear Loops

When you are using a tied face mask than the proper way is to remove it from the upper tie, and remove the lower tie, even your ties should be fixed properly. 

Should Cover Nose and Mouth

 The mask keeps you from spewing any bacteria into the air by covering your nose and your mouth, So the first thing is to tie the mask properly, as it’s best for you to protect from any of the bacteria. Even this mask would avoid the nearby particles in your vicinity.

Chin Should be Covered

You can spread your mask till your chin, as it prevents the bacteria which could be reached to your chin to nose. This could prevent the risk to adjustments when needed.

Mask Should be on Nose

If there is any metal tab on your mask than this can secure your nose from bacteria. Be sure to fix this into place, so that this would be fixed at on nose proper. If there is not any nudge, try won’t slip from the nose.

Mask Adjustment When Needed

N95 mask can filter the bacteria’s but not all the masks are the same, So if required you can maintain the gap between the mouth and nose. As there is a minimum gap therebetween mouth and nose.

What Make a Good Cloth White Face Mask

Mask id an N95 mask or it could be made with a cotton cloth mask overall this will prevent you from the bacteria, but with 5- 6 layers of the mask would be the best. As it prevents bacteria. 

How to Dispose of Old Face Mask

Discard the mask after using it in the dustbin or trash bin. Like it, the best way to throw it out, don’t throw it on the side of the road or anywhere.

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