Do You Know About Colonoscopy and its Facts

Everyone is aware of the advancements that have taken place in the medical field. One such popular advancement that has occurred is the colonoscopy test. This test is popular for the identification of colon cancer. Other than colon cancer, it is also used to check the colon health of people facing digestive issues or those who are above 50 years of age. This is because people above 50 years are at a higher risk of getting colon cancer.

Cancer as we are aware is a fatal disease. It affects the body organs directly which makes its detection a tough process. Cancer cells that develop inside the colon show symptoms at a very later stage, which makes it an even more serious health concern. Anyone suffering from colon cancer would tell you that the symptoms of this one are very much similar to other digestive tract issues which make you believe that it isn’t that severe a problem. 

In order to stay protected from this disease, it is important that you go for a colonoscopy at regular intervals or you consult a gastroenterologist for the same. Colonoscopy Beverly Hills is one such place where you can take this modern test while being sure that you are under the observation of some of the best people in the profession.

Colonoscopy and colon cancer have some very intriguing facts attached. While some of these facts provide positive information, few others can be negative in some sense. To elaborate the same, have a look at some of them:

  • Colonoscopies, contrary to the belief, are not very hurting. The process description of this test gives a false impression of it being a painful one. While going for colonoscopies doctors provide certain medications before and after the test to prevent any discomfort that you might feel.
  • Cancer can be a hereditary disease for a small percentage of people. Similarly, colon cancer is not necessarily a hereditary issue. One can suffer from this fatal cancer because of the unhealthy lifestyle that one follows.
  • Polyps on the walls of the colon are not cancerous from day one. Their presence for a long time makes them cancerous. If one undergoes colonoscopy at the right time, he or she can get rid of the precancerous polyps during the test itself.
  • Being an advanced test, it is considered a bit costly which is why people sometimes avoid going for the same. Well, there is good news in that regard. Colonoscopies are sometimes covered under insurance policies so that it doesn’t create a big hole in your pocket.
  • Colonoscopies are preventive as well as a detection test. As mentioned above, colon cancer reflects symptoms at a very later stage when it becomes almost impossible to treat it. Going for regular colonoscopies can save you from colon cancer for about 10 years. Regular intervals here means around 2-5 years, depending on your age and health levels.
  • Before colonoscopies became popular there were a large number of people dying due to colorectal cancer. This test has today reduced that number by a significant percentage.
  • Doctors traditionally use air to make space for the detection of polyps in the walls of the colon. But, this method is useful to have a look at raised polyps. In order to detect flat polyps, doctors now use water as a medium for inflating.

Colonoscopies play the role of an angel in the lives of people who are potentially at a higher risk of getting colorectal cancer due to their eating habits. Stress levels and inactive lifestyles also play a role in this cancer development just like many other health issues. 

Cancer of any kind is deadly hence it is better to adopt a preventive approach beforehand. For this obviously, you would need to consult a good doctor who has treated cancer patients during his or her career. They are the best guide for you to know even the minute details of this deadly disease.

The chances of people developing colon cancer is not the same as others. There are various factors that affect an individual when we talk about cancer. So whether you are at a higher risk of getting colon cancer or not can be judged by a gastroenterologist. So, don’t waste your time and make an appointment for yourself today.

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