Can Your Preschool Handle Your Child’s Separation Anxiety?

Child's separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is different for every child. Is your kid hysterical when he can’t see you? Or does he only show mild signs of anxiety? If your child is going to preschool classes, though, you will need to be out of sight so that your kid can focus on his lessons. Even with the online classes, your kid might get anxious if you’re not in the same room, though. Do you think your preschool has the resources to cope with and manage that level of anxiety?

Here is how to know the tips to handle a child’s separation anxiety:

Understand the Condition

Before anything else, you need to be clear about what separation anxiety is. It is basically the normal fear that kids have of being separated from their parents or the people who care for them. This usually starts at around 8 months and reaches its peak when the babies are 14 to 18 months old. The condition goes away, though, when the kids grow up and reach their first birthdays.

Talk to the Teachers

Set up a video call with your kid’s teachers. Let them know that separation anxiety is a potential issue. Work together on finding a solution. Talking to the teachers also helps you get a sense of them as an instructor. Are they trustworthy? Do they seem to have the kind of personality that kids love? Do you think your child is in good hands? One way to make sure your tiny one has an excellent teacher is to choose the best international school in Kuala Lumpur for his/her preschool.

Ask About Other Kids

Do other kids experience the same? What do the teachers do? How do they deal with those episodes? Does the school have a set process for handling this? Are the teachers trained in how to properly handle the condition? If the teachers or the school believe in scolding or punishing the child, that is not the right way to handle the situation. Walk away. Putting your child in that school might only result in emotional scars and trauma.

Use Familiarity

One technique that works is to show your child that you and the teachers know each other. You are friends. While you depart the room so that your infant can go on with the lessons on their own, it’s miles going to be less distressful. That is because you’ve already established that you and the teacher know each other and that makes the child think that they with someone safe and familiar.

Keep Mr. Teddy Handy

Does your child have a teddy bear they love? Or maybe a blanket or pillow that they can’t do without? Such security props are an essential part of dealing with separation anxiety. Have those nearby or close to him/her. That way, when the child starts to get distressed, they only need to hug that teddy bear to feel safe and secure. The separation anxiety probably won’t be so bad because this year’s pandemic has resulted in fully virtual classes. That means you won’t have to leave your child at the preschool and spend hours without seeing or being far from him/her. Your child can go to his classes in his/her room while you work from your home office. The only adjustment they will need to make is that they might not see you while in class.

Check the Reviews

What do other parents think about the school? Are there any reviews or comments that detail how the teachers deal with separation anxiety in the kids? How does the school react to these comments or feedback? What kind of reputation does the school have? Are you sure your child will be all right?

 While sending your child to the best international school in Kuala Lumpur is important, it is equally important to ensure that the school can handle your kid’s separation anxiety.

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