Best 8 Flowers That are Available in Blue Color

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Blue flowers are traditionally a lucky bloom. The blue color is also mentioned in the ancient Victorian script, which is “something old, something new, something adopted, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe.” In this old saying, the “something blue” describes blue flowers.

If you try, you can find many events in which blue flowers are essentially required. For instance, at the marriage, the brides carry a blue flower, which conveys that she is blessed with good karma.

It delivers on a feeling of love and ambition and of supreme effort to arrive at the apex. Blue blossoms make a contemplative state of mind due to its cooling and soothing impact. Simultaneously, it assumed that blue blossoms also symbolize stability and wisdom.   

Thus generally, blue blossoms represent faith, trust and ability. If you like blue flowers and want to send flowers online to your precious ones, here are some lovely blue blossoms found over the globe. 

Himalayan Blue Poppy: 

Almost every person considers poppies, only comes grows in pink, red, or white color. That is because the staggering blue poppy color variety is very difficult to grow. The main areas that have the potential to grow are the Himalayan region, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. 

Blue Star: 

These blue blossoms develop in bunches, with a star shape that has delicate and sensitive petals. The green leaves have a spear-shaped like willow leaves, which change into gold in the fall. The blossoms thrive for a little while in the mid-year before going back to the seed stage. 

They are native to North America and grow easily without numerous issues, offering a wonderful, less maintenance blue flowering plant for warm atmospheres. They will sprout best in full sun but can deal with partial shade also. If you like these flowers, then you can go for an online flower order.


Dandelion blossom is related to adoration, warmth, desire, compassion, while the blue dandelion bloom speaks to dependability, satisfaction, and peacefulness.

Dandelion is a well-known blossom in old stories and myths and has been represented in an assortment of cultures. These blossoms are native to Africa and Asia but nowadays presently available generally all over the world. 

Virginia bluebell: 

These groups of blue flowers are perfect for enhancing the look of your garden or a bouquet. The Virginia bluebells bloom early in the summer and attract honey bees and butterflies, which produce a pleasing sight to see. If you are providing this flower, pair it with an annual yellow flower. 


These blossoms are thick blooms that are easily identified by both their look and fragrance. Hydrangea is normally purple, but you can turn them blue by planting them in acidic soil. If you like blue hydrangeas, you can order flowers through online flower delivery in Delhi from any online portal.  


The Iris has beautiful, bright petals, which will sometimes bloom in both at the start of spring and after the late summer. They require a great amount of water, so plant them near any water source, for example, a stream or a sprinkler.

Perennial Geranium :

These Perennial blue blossoms are graceful, ranging from the light-white to dark blue color and sprout from June to November. 

Bachelor Buttons :

This pretty wildflower got its name from a bachelor wearing them blossom on their lapel when they are honored with the degree. Some may also know this plant as the Cornflower since it grows in abundance among cornfields in Europe. 

It is presently grown in home nurseries because of its striking excellence, low-maintenance, and capacity to survive a wide range of atmospheres. Bachelor buttons have a splendid blue color head that follows the sun like sunflowers. This bloom is themselves a hybrid of daisies and thorn blossoms. They self-seed and give you a lot of new blossoms every year. 

Blue flowers are hard to find down, however also hard to ignore, blue blossoms make an unambiguous, bold statement on any occasion. Strong yet unique, these little blue stars are just extraordinary.

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