What are the Most Dangerous Dating Apps and How to Protect Kids?

Dating apps

Cell phone technology over the years has immensely prevailed in all across the world. The modern technology has made the communication process very easy for the general public. Nowadays, everyone is using mobile phones for communication using free social media platforms. On the other hand, not only communication people have started to date online.

Therefore, plenty of online dating apps are available on the web that you can install on your handset and you can interact with the people online and get involved find out your perfect match. Over the years even young kids, tweens and teens get their hands on the dating application without knowing the consequences.

Minors are desperately using dating applications on their mobiles and sex offenders, stalkers, online bullies and sexual predators have prevailed on such apps. Therefore, online applications for dating are dangerous for teens and parents should know about are the most dangerous apps to date people online.

Most Dangerous Dating Apps for Teens

When kids are up to on the dangerous apps for dating someone kids become vulnerable to sexual predators.  These sorts of applications are highly popular among tweens because they can express their curiosity and feelings when they are on the shy side.

However, they don’t realize what sort of person is actually on the other side to which they are going to in a relationship. Mostly teens try to find people whom they have saw in school or the neighborhood but they don’t realize they should know the person personally. Therefore, the presence of stalkers, bunny hunters, bullies online and much more alike can put teens at risk while dating people online. Let’s get to know about the top applications for relationships that happen too dangerous for teens.


Over the years kids and tinder are a dangerous combination. It shares the privacy of kids, user information and further allows users to make appropriate matches in their vicinity. Kids also like or dislike the profiles when prompted. In-case teens have liked someone’s profile they can show their interest and choose to set the meeting in real –life.

The application is rated 17+ users but over the years even tweens ages 13 -16 are using this app to find someone online for dating. User can swipe profiles and activate their location to find the nearest possible person. Sharing their privacy, and blind dating and hookups online for teens could happen dangerous for a teen to the fullest. The sex offenders and other predators online can trap a teen for date and then fulfill their dark motives and then leave them for embarrassment.


Most of the teens have installed Snapchat on their cellphones and today it has become a perfect match finding app for teens. It was originally developed for the sake of sending and receiving 10 seconds of personal photos to your decided friends.

However, young kids and teens are using it as a dating app. Furthermore, they can make live phone calls audio and video conversations and post stories and streaks with friends. So, kids and teens can see other people’s profiles and send them request and if the request got accepted you can show your interest in the person. So, teens have made this application a perfect match finding material. Therefore, plenty of kids got trapped by stalkers and sex offenders.


Facebook is the free social messaging app and instant messenger and highly popular among teens. So, kids and teens have made their profiles on this particular platform. Therefore, sex offenders and bunny hunters are all over the place and often target young tweens.

Tweens got trapped willingly and unwillingly on this platform. Teens have started a relationship on Facebook over the last decade and people in real –life for real-life relationships. So, 66% of teens that still have Facebook installed on their cellphones are more likely to use Facebook for dating purposes. Therefore, kids and teens are more likely to get trapped by online predators.

How Parents can protect teens from dangerous dating apps?

Parents can use simply use cell phone parental control apps on kid’s phones and monitor all the activities of tweens remotely. Parents can perform live screen recordings when dating apps are active on kid’s phones. Moreover, parents can see the logs of online applications to find matches such as text messages, chat conversations, audio-video call logs and shared multimedia.


Cell phone kids monitoring app is the only solution for parents that empower them to protect teens from dangerous dating apps.

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