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The DesignCap is a recent design software on the market, which aims to facilitate content creation. This type of tool is an excellent assistant for entrepreneurs, as they allow the creation of the visual component easily and quickly.

I still think it makes perfect sense to hire a graphic designer on numerous occasions, especially if you have financial availability. However, the truth is that this investment is not always possible at an early stage. Perhaps, you are more comfortable spending a monthly installment of € 5 or € 6 on a design software with a series of templates available than making, for now, a substantially larger investment in a logo, for example. It is a matter of budget and priorities.

As I mentioned, DesignCap is a novelty in the market, and I believe that, in the long run, it can quickly become a competitor to Canva. Both have a very similar concept, and the subscription to DesignCap is more economical and does not lose too much compared to the competitor. That is, it can be a good option for those who want to save on subscription.



The entire interface is straightforward to use and intuitive. After clicking on the “My Designs” menu, you immediately go to the creation page, where you can access a series of options to create your designs. You can choose a blank screen or use the templates provided as a starting point. Even those who understand zero design will easily be able to work with the application. If you still have doubts, the site has a section available to watch several tutorials step by step.


For me, this is the great advantage of this kind of software: the number of tools you have available in a monthly subscription. DesignCap has more than 1000 templates available, which help you to have a structured base to create creatives for your social networks, presentations, infographics, logos, among others. The platform is also associated with an image bank, something beneficial if you cannot use your photographs. It also has tools to search for elements, graphics, and modules to make your designs more creative and dynamic. The best part is that all of this is thought of so that I feel very directed to those who create digital content. If you happen to write “cooking” in the search bar, you will see a series of designs designed for the culinary niche.



Thanks to the collection of tools you have in the same place, DesignCap allows you to save time creating any project design. Besides, with the variety of templates available, you have excellent starting points to create your creatives without wasting too much time or needing a knack for this part of digital design. Especially when you are at the start of business, these senses are not always incredibly accurate. Skills and ease of visual creation are also acquired! For this reason, Design Cap also equates to good savings on frustrations since “half the way” is already done. It remains for you to adapt these designs to your visual identity.


One of the features that I liked the most about Design Cap is the possibility of uploading our fonts. I mentioned several times how much visual identity is essential for your brand, right? It gives you visual coherence and allows you to be recognizable to your audience. The font you choose is part of the range of features included in this visual identity, and that is why it must be applied to all the creatives you develop. Unfortunately, most simplistic design software forces you to be limited to the available fonts, while DesignCap allows you to upload the fonts you have chosen for your brand. 


DesignCap prices are effectively the most affordable on the market, given the features. The free package has many limitations, no doubt, but perfectly suited to test the application. However, it is not enough to take advantage of the software for your project. Then, Design Cap has a Basic plan and a Pro plan, which costs $ 4.99 and $ 5.99. I highly recommend the Pro, which includes uploading your sources, allows you to save up to 1000 designs, and upload 1000 own images for the price difference.

Unfortunately, DesignCap does not yet have a mobile application. This is the only disadvantage that I feel I have to highlight, but I believe that this will become one of the software’s ambitions with the growth of the platform. If you want to test the application, you can do it through this link. If you need any extra help, leave a comment below!

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