The Maldives’ Top Romantic Stuff to Do

romantic things in maldives

The honeymoon is an affair that’s once in a lifetime and you can’t leave it to chance. What better way to celebrate a honeymoon than to celebrate a beach honeymoon, and what better place to go than the Maldives?

Overwhelmed by the fact that you’re going on a honeymoon in the Maldives but haven’t worked out what to do when you’re really there? Here are the 10 romantic things to do on your honeymoon in the Maldives.

Think to do in the Maldives

1. Going for a stroll early in the morning

One of the romantic things to do on a honeymoon in the Maldives is to lie on the white beach sand early in the morning to admire the lovely pink haze on the horizon. When you walk around, experience an amazing scene as you hide your feet in the sand, enjoy the faint warmth of the sun as it peeps from behind the clouds, and the soft waves splashing back and forth.

2. Renew the vows for the wedding

There is no better place than the Maldives to exchange your ‘I do’s’ for the second time. In the Maldives, resorts range from a basic service to one full of grandeur. Walk down to the seashore where a decorated platform, made up of palm leaves and colorful tropical flowers, is set up just for your ceremony. Share your vows surrounded by the pristine nature that bears witness to your devotion.

3. In a jacuzzi bath, rejuvenate yourself

Jacuzzi villas are now becoming something. Because why not? Why not? Nothing in the world feels as amazing as your partner in the resort enjoying a nice jacuzzi while staring out at the horizon where the cerulean waters touch the crimson-colored skies, doesn’t it? You can share with your partner a romantic moment, and pamper your body and senses at the same time!

4. Dine and indulge in wine

In addition to having some of the best honeymoon destinations, the Maldives is renowned for its deliciously varied cuisine. In themed or open-air restaurants, experience mouth-watering food watching your favorite kind of sunsets. Grab a drink from a large variety of bars. Not only can they have a chilled-out environment and fun night entertainment for all-night dancing.

5. Hop on a cruise through the moonlight

Onboard a luxury cruise under the glistening white moonlight, enjoy the true taste of luxury in the Maldives. If you and your partner are in the Maldives for an opulent honeymoon experience, then the number one activity on your bucket list should be a moonlight cruise. Make the experience complete under the moonlit sky with a glass of sparkling water accompanied by a candlelight meal.

6. In the deep blue waters, dive

If you and your buddy are adrenaline junkies, then there’s probably something for you in the Maldives, too! To explore the underwater beauty of the Maldives, plentiful coral reefs, and incredible marine life, grab your diving gear and dive into the deep blue waters. See rare and colorful fishes up close, and have your partner’s time of life!

7. Get mixed up with a few spa treatments

Without elaborate couple spa treatments, the Maldives honeymoon will not be completed, and it will possibly be the biggest mistake ever to come to the Maldives and return without treating themselves in their spas. Since the Maldives are renowned for their world-class spa and massage facilities, where their senses can be relaxed and rejuvenated. As well as getting side-by-side spa treatments, the couple spa treatments are also indulgent and soothing since they can also take a bath together get pedicures, spend time in a steam tub.

8. Drift off on a Dhoni

Riding on a cruise is a perfect way to visit the tropical island of Maldives. Though there are many cruise options you can choose from a dhoni is the perfect way to explore the Maldives. Handcrafted by locals to help them get around the Maldives, the multi-purpose sailing boat Dhoni provides magnificent views of the island and will make your holiday come alive by catching a mesmerizing sunset onboard with your loved one.

9. Drive on a submarine whale

If you are with your family and children in the Maldives, then you must be thinking about how to keep everyone happy. The response is to take them on a fun whale submarine journey. Whale submarine, immensely popular among visitors, is a perfect way to look at underwater life while remaining safely tucked away.

The first 45-minute dive begins with the submarine stopping 25 meters from where colorful corals and reef fish can be seen. Then the Whale Submarine descends to 40 meters below the surface, from where the coral garden and the various types of fish that take refuge within the cave can ogle. Six hours a day, five times a week the Whale Submarine goes diving.

10. Visit the Friday Mosque in Malé

The Old Friday mosque, with its intricate decorations, elaborate woodcarvings, and carved tombstones, is an important stop on your Maldives holiday and a perfect place to visit for lovers of art and history.

Before visiting the historical attraction, ensure that you dress modestly. For its outstanding maritime architecture, the mosque was also part of the tentative UNESCO World Heritage Cultural List in 2008.

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