The Land Of Islands-10 Best Places To Visit in the Maldives

Beautiful water villas in tropical Maldives island .

The Maldives is a sparkling archipelago of more than a thousand beautiful islands; it looks like a magician sprinkled white magic dust on a perfect painting and made it real. The Maldives is known for its blinding white sandy beaches (remnants of the wizard’s magic dust, perhaps), glimmering blue water that submerges pretty corals, and cloudless skies, situated in The Indian Ocean, and not so far from the West Coast of India. Newlyweds on their honeymoon are involved in a large portion of Maldives tourism. And for a great romantic getaway, the place is tailor-made. But recently, tourists who make a trip to the Maldives for a family vacation have also seen a rise in the Paradise country. There are about 200 inhabitable islands in the Maldives, and there is beauty everywhere your eyes go. 

Maldives’ Best Places to Visit

1. Island of Male

It is not because it is the best place in the world, but simply because the international airport is located in the capital and it is convenient to explore the Before moving to other islands, the city of Male, the capital of the Maldives, could be a great first stop on your tour of the Maldives. Indulge in delicious food from a wide variety of restaurants and bars or see nearby tourist attractions.

2. COMO Island of Cocoa

COMO Cocoa Island is one of the most stunning and safest places to visit in the Maldives, hands down. The island has amazing resorts and plush water villas for a great romantic stay if you’re on a honeymoon. On the beach, stroll on the soft sand, hand in hand with your loved one, and enjoy the perfect view.

3. Emboodhu Finolhu Island, one of the best places in the Maldives to visit

Step away from Dubai; there is even an island in the Maldives that provides a stunning aerial view of a budding flower made of water villas. On Emboodhu Finolhu Island, the water villas are designed in such a way that a lovely flower bud can give you a view from the plane. The island can be an ideal luxury resort for tourists.

4. Isle of Baros

Baros Island, one of the most famous islands in the Maldives, is yet another place in the Maldives that is pure elegance, tries to one-up the other islands, and succeeds marginally. For its resorts and water villas, Baros Island is renowned, lined with beaches full of good sand and a kind gesture of water ferrying small exterior and stones.

5. Cafe Seagull, Male

After all the watersports and beach hopping, it is time to snack on some delicious food! The Seagull Cafe in Male is one of the best places to visit in the Maldives and should be the snack go-to location. Thanks to its great decor and a great menu, Seagull Cafe could be the best place for a nice evening meal.

6. Monument to Tsunamis, Male

Make it a point to visit the majestic structure known as the Tsunami Memorial, constructed in memory of the lives lost in the devastating tsunami of 2004. The monument, a building including a small cylinder with encircling spheres, is a popular attraction within the Maldives and a need to-go-to place.

7. Majidhee Magu Magua

Who doesn’t love ‘street shopping a little bit? And the ideal street shopping destination is Majidhee Magu in Male. On this famous shopping lane, you can find anything and all. From clothes to accessories such as watches, cosmetics, handbags, and even electronics. You can find plenty here if you’re into handcrafted stuff.

8. Island of Mirihi

Mirihi Island is a small luxury island that if you’re going for a romantic holiday, might be one of the best places to visit in the Maldives. This island offers excellent water villas for your ultimate enjoyment. If you’re especially looking for a place cut off from the rest of the planet, this might be the perfect place.

9. Island Huvahendhoo

If you are looking for the perfect place for a family holiday, look no further than Huvahendhoo Island. The island is custom-made to house kids and friends. The island offers a wide variety of restaurants, resorts, and spas. It also has a children’s club where you can have fun with your children while relaxing in a pool.

10. Island Rangali

For families to enjoy an all-round Maldive experience, the Conrad Maldives resort on Rangali Island is an excellent venue. Those looking for a place that provides adults and kids with fun activities can always go here. Indulge in snorkeling, fishing, and sighting dolphins, or just chill in the infinity pool where blue water never ends perfectly.

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