Explore MALAGA By Car This Winter

Malaga travel trip

There are many people who really enjoy the cold weather. They love hot cocoa, picnics by fire, and outdoor games. There are so many interesting things to do in winter. How about the greatest ski adventure? Your family members will like winter activities outdoors. Nevertheless, there are tourists who prefer heat to cold. They dream of spending time at the beach, playing beach games, and walking as a family. If you are still trying to find a paradise place to visit this winter, here are the top motivating reasons to visit Spain, Malaga!

Winter Season in Malaga

You can call this trip a short winter break or a break for the sun and beach. Malaga attracts tourists who prefer spending winter in a warm Mediterranean climate. You should know that Malaga has even more sunny hours than any other region. This unique place is surrounded by the mountains from one side and the warm sea from the other side. This position holds a unique microclimate when you can enjoy the winter months at a temperature around 13-18 degrees.

Even if the weather is dull and chilly for some days, Malaga is considered to be the warmest region in Spain and in the whole Europe. You’ll be amazed at how sunny and pleasant the winter days can be! Needless to say, you can hardly swim in the sea in winter but you can take sunbathes and laze at the beach. The weather is usually sunny from December to February. Nevertheless, you may need some warm clothes.

What to Dress?

The cold season in Malaga is not dull and grey. The temperature is changeable during the day. You may need a light jacket, a long-sleeve T-shirt, and close shoes. Sometimes, you may need a warm jumper and long trousers. Also, you should take an umbrella and a hat to protect your head from the wind. Locals prefer layered clothing. They dress up layers of light clothes so that they can easily change their look by adding or taking off some layers. Don’t forget a warm pajama for sleeping. If you don’t like the cool temperature check if the hotel you are going to stay in has heating.

How to Travel?

People like traveling by car. This way of traveling gives you more opportunities to see everything you’ve planned before. Taking a family for Malaga weekend, you’d better think of a good reliable car with much space for passengers and their winter stuff. 7 seater car hire Malaga can help to find the best car for your money. There is no need to travel in your own car through the countries. It is much cheaper to hire a car from the airport and continue your trip in any direction. Forget about convertible autos. By the way, you don’t need tire-protector chains as you can hardly find snow in Spain in winter.

Malaga travel tips

Here are more tips you may need when traveling on Malaga in winter

Malaga Travel Tips

1. Go to See Villages Near Malaga

In the Mediterranean countries, there is a good tradition to paint houses white. All the villages near Malaga are white and atmospheric. Park the car just in the street and go to explore the narrow streets, beautiful buildings, well-cared gardens of Comares or Mijas.

2. Never Miss the Opportunity to Go Skiing

Malaga is a warm country with a warm and pleasant winter. Nevertheless, you have a chance to try winter sports. Where? Don’t forget that Malaga is guarded by mountains. Drive your car 100 kilometers away from the capital to spend your weekend in the Sierra Nevada. This is the greatest opportunity to try skiing or sledding in a friendly Spanish climate.

3. Go to The Beach For Lunch

Winter is not an ideal season for swimming, except for the heated hotel pool, of course. Nevertheless, you can have lunch with your family at the beach. You may use one of the beach restaurants and sit outdoors. Or just take food with you and relax on the warm blanket, enjoying the views around. It’s Christmas soon! People come to Malaga to spend their winter holidays. The weather is quiet, the winter decorations are impressive. There are no crowds of tourists and you can travel safely, keeping the social distance. You can enjoy the street markets, buy souvenirs, and drink some sweet local wine.

4. Go to Play Golf

Yes, you heard it right! People often come to Malaga to visit the Costa del Sol. You can find here the world-famous golf courses, welcoming visitors the year round. Hire a car in the capital and drive it along the seashore to spend your day with your friends or colleagues in the green.

Malaga travel trip

5. Taste Local Wines

Winter is a good chance to taste the best local wine. As it goes, the hot months are good for cold and light wine sorts, beer, or soda drinks. Winter months are good for tasting absolutely fantastic local wines. You can find them in the local bars and wine shops. Ask the locals! You’ll be advised to start with the Pajarito.

6. Visit Museums

Malaga is an interesting historic region, full of museums and old villages. Go and visit the art gallery or historical museum. Malaga is free in winter and you can’t find long lines and crowds of tourists in the local museums. You’ll be able to enjoy the local culture.

Winter is a season of joy and funny holidays. But everyone needs a little sun when everything around gets cold and dull. You have a chance to take your family to spend the best and the funniest winter in their life! Hope, these travel tips will help you to plan your road trip on Malaga territory in the best way. Hey, don’t forget to hire a car beforehand! 

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