5 Key Factors to Consider When Applying For Employment Pass Singapore

Singapore is a country where company incorporation is done swiftly and relatively easy. For that reason, businesses are emerging fast in the country. With the many businesses that get registered in Singapore, these companies will need a strong workforce. Most of them will hire someone in Singapore but most of the time, the available local workforce isn’t enough. Or it can be that the skill set the company is looking for is rare in Singapore. That is why these businesses tend to hire foreigners by getting them a work permit Singapore pass.

In Singapore, the most sought-after employment visa is the E Pass. The employment pass Singapore scheme is not only a professional visa. It has a lot of benefits like eligibility for the Dependent’s Pass and permanent resident status. That is why many foreigners wish to be an employment pass Singapore holder. If you are planning to take a shot at the work permit Singapore application, there are factors that you need to think about. In this article, we will list down the 5 key factors to consider when applying for the E Pass employment visa.  

#1 – Educational Background

Since the employment pass Singapore visa is a professional work visa, the candidate should be at least a graduate of a 4-year program in college. Unlike the work permit Singapore scheme where the educational background is not a key factor, the E Pass requires the applicant to have tertiary education, master’s and doctorate are preferable. In addition, the school where the employment visa applicant got the diploma should be known by the Ministry of Manpower. If not, the applicant must have their diplomas checked by an accredited school verifying agent.

#2 – Related Work Experience

Another key factor that must be considered when you apply for the employment pass Singapore visa is work experience. If the applicant doesn’t have a strong educational background, they can still get approved if their work experience is extensive. This commonly works for work permit Singapore applicants. However, if the work experience is relevant to the job you wish to apply for in Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower will consider your employment visa application. Thus, if you think that your educational background isn’t impressive enough, you should work on improving your work experience.

#3 – Relevance of Singapore Job

Having a great educational background and an impressive employment record will give you a chance of getting approved. However, if the job that you will get in Singapore is not related to your education and work history, you may get employment pass Singapore application rejection. 

To get approved, your Singapore job should be congruent with your education and work experience. This is so the Ministry of Manpower will assess that you indeed have the skills for the job. Most importantly, you must have those skills and qualifications that cannot be found in the local workforce talents. This is mostly how applicants are assessed for all work permit Singapore schemes. Thus, when you search for a job in Singapore, make sure it is related to your background and skillsets. 

#4 – Your Promised Salary 

Every employment visa in Singapore has a qualifying salary that the employer must pay to the foreigner. In the case of an employment pass Singapore candidate, the salary limit is SG$4,500. This monthly salary is the minimum for a young work permit Singapore applicant or a fresh graduate. If the applicant is older or has greater work experience, the salary limit is higher. As an employment visa applicant, you must make sure that the job you will get in Singapore will help you meet this qualification.

#5 – Company That Will Hire You

The employment pass Singapore candidate isn’t the only one that is evaluated by the Ministry of Manpower during the application process. The Singapore company that will hire the foreigner will also be evaluated. The authorities would want to clarify the business activities of the hiring company. They also want to make sure that the company can pay for the appointed work permit Singapore salary limit. In addition, they should not have a case of discriminating against local talents just so they can hire foreigners. If the company meets these conditions, the E Pass application of the employment visa candidate will get approved. 

If you are looking for a sure way to get an employment pass Singapore approval from the Ministry of Manpower, the best thing to do is to ask work permit Singapore consultants for assistance. A Singapore work visa company that you should get in touch with is Ren Ai Group. Visit their website today and check out their employment visa services. 

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