Top 8 Tips to Maintain Clean and Clutter-Free Attic

The attic is the most ignored section of our house. But, after sometime when you see your attic, you will observe that it is full of dust and dirt. Now, you must be thinking about simple steps to get it clean and clutter-free. First of all, you should invest in an optimum cleaning device like a good quality HEPA vacuum backpack cleaner. Here, in this article, we will discuss various steps that will turn your messy attic into a sparking one.

The following steps will transform your monumental task into an easy chore that you can manage:

1. Take out Everything

It is very difficult to clean a messy attic with a lot of stuff inside it. Before you start the cleaning process, you should first start to remove everything from the attic. You can easily clean and de-clutter the empty attic. Also, this will let you inspect everything precisely. If there is any problem in your attic, then you can easily recognize it and apply the optimum solution.

2. Get Rid Of Dust

You should clean every inch of dust in your attic. Make sure you clean your windows, wooden beams, walls, and every other surface. If your attic is highly dusty, then you should wear a mask on your mouth so that you prevent yourself from any respiratory allergy.

The commercial backpack HEPA vacuum is a good device to remove dust from your attic. If your attic needs two to three times wiping, then you should do it and do not proceed to another step unless you get a dust-free attic.

3. First Vacuum, then Sweep

If you start sweeping with a broom, then it will remove dust from one place and it will settle down on another surface. Therefore, it is recommended to clean it first with a vacuum cleaner, and then remove the leftover with the help of a broom. Before, vacuum cleaning, you should pick up large size debris that is difficult to clean.

Make sure that you are using a good type of vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is the best. It is so because these HEPA backpack vacuum cleaners do not spread dust all around and prevent you from any kind of respiratory allergy. This vacuum cleaner can help you to get rid of dust mites, allergens, harmful microbes as well.

If your attic is tightly spaced and it has a different shaped region, then you can use hose attachment with the vacuum cleaner. After vacuum cleaning, follow up with the broom to ensure that everything is properly cleaned.

4. Examine Insulation 

Once vacuum cleaning and brooming are done, then the next step is insulation inspection. If you observe that attic insulation is falling below the floor joists, then you should add more insulation. If you are not able to see the floor joists above insulating material, then they must be below them. This is a sign of good insulation. Also, ensure that insulation is properly distributed. No shallow areas should be visible in your attic insulation.

If you observe a sign of mold or mildew in your insulation, then you should consider replacing it with a new one. Mold and mildew in your attic can spread diseases in your home. If you observe small signs of mildew, then immediately clean it with a HEPA vacuum cleaner backpack and spray mold removing solution from the attic.

5. Take Some Preventive Measures

While attic cleaning, you should inspect every nook and cranny. Also, look for sealant problems in your attic. If you find any draft coming out of the window or any open space, then it will increase the heat level in your house.

It will significantly increase air conditioning bills. Also, look for pests as they can also create big problems. If you observe chewed boxes of fabric then there are pests in your attic. You should immediately call experts to get rid of them.

6. Sort out Attic Items

As you have removed all the stuff from your attic, therefore, this is the best time to get rid of it. You should make a separate heap of those things that you have not used in years. Consider donating or selling these items. Place back the stuff that you need and make sure you properly organize everything.

7. Replace Things in an Orderly Fashion

While placing useful items in your attic make sure everything is properly organized. Do planning before start placing back every useful item. You should place frequently used items in front so that you can easily access them. If you maintain your attic organized, then it will appear less-cutter and clean as well.

8. Regular Cleaning Routine

You should add an attic in your regular cleaning routine. Make sure you vacuum clean the attic at least once a week. This will help in maintaining your attic organized and dust-free. Also, there will less probability of pests, molds and harmful microbes.

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