The Best Anti-Acne Herbal Cosmetics for Healthy & Radiant Skin!

Most people think that herbal cosmetics are cleaner and healthier for the skin. This is because they are made from natural ingredients and do not contain as many chemicals. These cosmetics use plant extracts, spices, and oils rather than chemicals manufactured in a lab, depending on the benefits of nature’s bounty. If you like natural remedies but don’t have time to prepare them at home, you can rely on these herbal cosmetics products in India. These are sold in tubes or bottles alongside makeup and other beauty items.

Are you looking for some natural herbal alternatives to your high-end beauty products that contain harsh chemicals? We’re here to assist you in your search. You can now use the products containing natural herbal ingredients to pamper your skin and hair. Take a look at the list below for the best herbal cosmetics products in India.

Himalaya Herbals

In the Indian herbal cosmetics industry, ‘Himalaya Herbals’ has become a household name. With its extensive line of 100 per cent natural and healthy goods, the company has been taking the best care of our beauty. This company is producing the best herbal cosmetic products in India since 1930. This brand’s specialities include years of study, rare Himalayan plants, the finest ayurvedic compositions, and superior pharmaceutical technology.

Range of Products:

  • Take care of your face (cleansers or washes, scrubs, toners, masks, moisturizers, fairness, lip care, eye care, and unique treatment products).
  • Take care of your body (lotions, soaps, and creams).
  • Hand hygiene products like hand creams and lotions.
  • Various foot care products.
  • Take note of your hair (oils, shampoos, creams, masks, and conditioners).

Lotus Herbals

One of India’s most popular herbal cosmetic brands, Lotus Herbals, provides over 250 different beauty and cosmetics products enriched with the goodness of certain not-so-easy-to-find therapeutic and medicinal herbs. It is an ISO 9001-certified organization that takes a holistic approach to healthcare, allowing us to get the most out of our beauty routine by delivering long-term results in the shortest amount of time. Their range of products includes some of the best and most widely used herbal cosmetic products in India.

Range of Products:

  • Skincare products (face washes, toners, cleansers, moisturizers, nourishers, protectors, correctors, exfoliators, enhancers, lip care, and whitening range).
  • Take care of your body (Ayurvedic cleansing bars and lotions).
  • Take note of your hair (oils, tonics, and shampoos).
  • Sun protection (before the sun, after sun, non-greasy, products for men and kids, and anti-ageing with tint).
  • Natural Makeup products (face, lips, eyes, eco stay, nails, and others).


Khadi Natural

You won’t have to think about the consistency or purity of your herbal cosmetics when you choose Khadi Natural. Instead, the vast selection of items would leave you with too many options. It is one of India’s leading herbal product manufacturers. It has a long history of providing the best herbal cosmetic products in India. They also provide personalized products to customers with all skin and hairstyles.

Range of Products:

  • Skincare products (face washes, moisturizers, toners, scrubs, masks, packs, sprays, body butter, creams, hydrogel, and lip balms).
  • Take note of your hair (regular oils, shampoos, conditioners, no mineral oil and paraffin-free oils, mehndi, and henna products that are 100 per cent natural colours).
  • Take care of your body (bath oils, body wash, bath salts, and aromatic bubble baths).
  • Soaps made by hand (butter soaps, glycerine soaps, and loofah soaps).
  • Aromatherapy products (essential oils and massage oils).

Vaadi Herbals

Vaadi Herbals has a broad range of beauty and personal care herbal cosmetic products in India. Their items are a natural blend of herbal science and advanced technology. This brand’s specialities are the use of the highest quality natural herb extracts and meagre prices.

  • Range of Products:
  • Face care products (Washes, creams, scrubs, lotions, packs, gels, facial soaps/bars, and facial kits).
  • Body and bath treatment (oils, creams, soaps, lotions, gels, and scrubs).
  • Take note of your hair (oils and shampoos).
  • Lip care is essential (lip balms, scrubs, etc.).
  • Foot care is essential (creams, scrubs, and soaps).


Biotique is consistently ranked in the top ten of the best manufacturers of herbal cosmetics products in India. The business has a global reputation for combining time-tested natural treatments with biotechnology research.

Range of Products:

  • Skincare products (cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturizers, masks, scrubs, vitalizes, eye care and lip care, and sun protection).
  • Take note of your hair (oils, shampoos, conditioners, products for styling, and serums).
  • Take care of your body (cleansers, products for body massage, nourishers, after bath, hand care, and foot care).
  • Makeup products (face, lips, eyes, nails, and shimmer).


Not only does VLCC Personal Care provide unique beauty treatments, but it also has its own range of herbal makeup and beauty products that are suitable for all types of skin and hair. You can expect everything from the VLCC goods specially designed to cure, protect, and care for you.

Range of Products:

  • Skincare products (cleansers, scrubs, washes, toners, moisturizers, astringent, packs, anti-pollution products, skin whitening products, soaps, eye care, bleaches, and lip care).
  • Sun protection range (sunscreens and after sun care).
  • Take care of your body (body therapy, lotions, and pediglo).
  • Take note of your hair (oils, shampoos, conditioners, henna, and masks).
  • Specializations (facial kits, products for body shaping, and products for grooming).


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