How to Take Care of Japanese Futon Bed?

 Japanese futon bed
 Japanese futon bed

The Japanese futon bed is one of the most demanded ones these days, as they are designed in such a way they give you peaceful sleeping and save you from back injuries and pains.

What a Futon Bed Looks like?

The futon bed looks like cotton soft covered mattress even while you put it into the sitting position. The futon is a mattress that can be folded into a couch like a piece too.

What is the Size of Japanese Futon Mattress?

Futon mattress comes in different thicknesses soft, medium, and firm. They come in standard mattress sizes you can choose easily a futon mattress size that is right for you. You can easily get your futon mattress from a renowned online shopping store named as Futon Beds From Japan is selling the authentic handmade cotton futon mattress worldwide.

How Japanese Futon Mattress Helps to Sleep Better?

A futon bed is designed by the Japanese, Futon basically means mattress or something to lie down on.  In Japanese culture people prefer to sit and sleep on the floor; futon mattress is created in such a way that it gives comfort and peaceful sleep.

Why Cleaning is Necessary?

Cleaning is considered as half of the faith, however, it is the most basic requirement to have a clean and safe place to sleep; cleaning your Japanese futon mattress after a particular time will reduce the risk of health problems and will create a safe environment.

7 Simple Ways to Take Care of Japanese Futon Mattress

  • Revolve and Rotate the Mattress.

Rotation of futon mattress regularly is necessary; it will keep it protected from having sinking spots and it will give your Futon mattress a longer life. After 30 days of purchase to ensure the optimal weight distribution you need to rotate and revolve it regularly more often. 

  • Remove the Surface Stains.

Never soak the mattress too much moisture can lead to mildew, always use warm water, mild gentle laundry detergent, and a damp washcloth to remove unsightly unwanted surface stains.  

  • Try to keep it Deodorize

To get rid of unpleasant odors, unfold the futon so that mattress will become flat then sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress; let it sit for about an hour while the futon absorbs the baking soda then vacuum it off. This will helps you to get rid of any unwanted odor.

  • Steam Cleaning.

First, check your futon mattress manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use of a steam cleaner on the mattress. If it’s written on the mattress manufacture for steam cleaning go for it; it will give deep and better cleaning.

  • Vacuum the Air Out of Mattress.

After the month unfolds the futon without any cover or bedding for an hour or more, this will give the mattress time to air out. Vacuuming your mattress regularly will help it get rid of dust and dust mites. If you leave it folded up in the sitting position while you vacuum, make sure to get in the cracks with the brush attachment.

  • Take Care for the Frame.

If your futon frame is made of hardwood, dust and polish it with furniture polish it. A metal frame should be wiped down with a damp cloth. Remove the mattress from the futon frame and carefully examine the joints to make sure that it is not bent or rusted; tighten the screws if required.

  • Protect your Futon with a Futon Cover.

The best way to protect your futon is to put a futon cover on it. Wash your mattress cover a few times a month if it is used regularly. Most futon covers are made of a thicker material than bed sheets and are machine washable.

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