How Much Does the Happy Coffee make a person Happy?


How would anyone like to have a cup of coffee? Well everyone would sure love to. Alrighty then, how about a cup of that coffee that torches off fat, increases energy, boosts memory, curbs cravings for carbs, raises the mood, and loaded with nootropics and antioxidants?

Yeah, that would be a must-have a beverage. This coffee is colloquially known as Happy Coffee and in a real sense, it is known as Elevate Coffee, made by Elevacity.

Elevacity claims that this Smart Coffee can do all the aforementioned things. But people are still unsure of whether it can really do all of this, or not? And can their other products detoxify people and help improve their overall wellbeing.

No one is stranger to a lot of coffee supplements loaded with things promising a lot of great things. With a lot of them on the market, let us now read about Happy Coffee Reviews and how this coffee has been doing.

Elevate Coffee – what is it?

Elevacity is a multilevel marketing company having loads of products like Elevate Coffee, the Pure toxin remover, and of course, Xanthomax. The vitamin patches made by the company flopped because vitamins cannot be delivered and absorbed through patches. However, they do give the skin some vitamins.

However, the Hot Chocolate made by Elevacity does deliver the exact same value as the coffee (as its ingredients are almost the same minus the coffee and plus the chocolate). Not much care about skincare products as the renowned brands of skincare is much more trustworthy.

Elevacity claims that it’s Elevate Smart Coffee and Xanthomax are part of the D.O.S.E. This stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins, which are neurotransmitters and hormones helping create feelings of happiness.

What is present in Elevate Smart Coffee?

Elevate’s Smart Coffee often contains plant-based ingredients which are as under:

Green coffee bean extract

Extract of the green coffee bean. It is a stimulant. Studies involving loss of healthy weight loss in obesity using this extract have not been consistent and are minimal.


It contains Chromium, a mineral often present in supplements for burning fat. Research however does not agree with this. It does however have benefits for people who are chromium deficient. However, such an incidence is rare.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that might have a relaxing effect. However, research studies were small, and only about 24 hours long.


PEA is a neuroamine that is present in the human body. Many alternatives and biohacker sites often quote old and small studies of dubious methods to prove that PEA is involved in improving the mood. It was also falsely proven to be as good as antidepressants and such is not a good claim at all.

People should remember that taking supplements of some brand or firm in comparison to having it made by one’s own body are two completely different and opposite things.

Studies on PEA have been performed on dogs, monkeys, and rodents. It has also been exhibited to break down rapidly in the human body. Even if it does have a degree of effectiveness when it comes to improving the mood, it has a short half-life, making it not much useful.

Kigelia Africana

It is an antioxidant.


This helps raise cognition and was proven to do so in rodents. In elders, it took a large those especially in those who have Alzheimer’s disease. Studies proving its effectiveness are however not very good. Plus, since not everyone is either a rat or a senior with Alzheimer’s, its effectiveness needs to be checked again with consistency.

Juglans Reglia

This is also known as the English walnut. It has an active ingredient which is known as 2 Amino 5 Methylhetane. This is a natural compound identical to octodrine (also known as DMHA). It is a stimulant that has been determined to be unsafe, potentially.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning statement some time ago about Juglans Regia. And as predicted, the active ingredients in Elevate Smart Coffee, aka Happy Coffee are blended together in a unique and proprietary way.

Since no one knows how much of each ingredient people are actually getting, this can become a problem. Either they are not getting enough, or they are getting too much of it.

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