What are the Best 5 Online Calculators? – A Review

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What are the best 5 Online Calculators?

You search online for calculators, and there comes a whole range of them. It becomes impossible to decide which one to choose. We have brought a selection of choices for you. Let’s go and explore.

Online calculators – Innovations and Competition

Life is becoming easy because of every day adding accessibility to tools. Calculators are one of such gadgets that are now available online. They can be accessed through a range of devices. These can be used as apps or accessed online using any internet browser. This is an innovation that makes life easier for those who don’t want to keep a calculator with them but need it on a regular basis.

What makes them ideal for many users is their being multipurpose. There is a range of service providers (websites) that offer online calculators. Each of these tries to attract traffic by ensuring that their calculator serves well the visitors. There are various types of calculators available on each of these websites.

These calculators range from simple arithmetic calculators to graphical, scientific, and health-related calculators. The user can choose a calculator according to their needs. What makes these calculators the best choice for users is their being detailed.

If you visit a page with an online calculator for BMI calculation, it will not only give you the calculator but the BMI measurement formula as well. In addition to that, it will guide you on the stats and facts related to BMI. This way, you get the complete details on this page. Who doesn’t like to be served this way?

This is the reason that online calculators are fastly replacing physical calculators. What makes them ideal is their being free of cost. Thus, you can avail of them, and they won’t cost you a single penny. Everybody has a smartphone these days, and this makes these calculators accessible, so this adds to its growing popularity.

Features to Look for in Online Calculators

The features of online calculators are not that different from physical calculators. The major feature that you can see in online calculators is their transformation.

Online calculators have various programs installed on them, and for this reason, you can use them for different purposes. Their design, interface, menu, keys, etc., are the main determinants in the selection of the chosen calculators here.

Along with that, users also look for themes. Online calculators have been made keeping this in view.

Each of the calculators’ service providers has its own pros and cons. We will discuss each in detail here.

The Best 5 Online Calculators

We have compiled a list of calculators that can work on basic and advanced problems for you. Here we go!

RapidTables is an online calculator that is accessible through Google search. It provides a range of services, calculators being one of them. Their calculators are basically available in the form of conversion tools and calculators. The types of calculators available on their websites are financial calculators, electrical calculators, grade calculators, time calculators, wire calculators, math calculators, etc.

RapidTables is a public-funded page that is run through the earnings made from ads. What makes them one of the best choices is the availability of range in each of these categories. Every category has more than four calculators in their respective range. Thus, the user won’t have to go to different pages to make different calculations. Instead, staying on a single page will fulfill their needs. 

Online-Calculator is a website that offers various calculators. On the homepage, the site seems to be offering just a simple arithmetic calculator. But as you scroll down, there are a number of other calculators on the list. These include scientific calculators, BMI calculators, online Abacus, Patio calculator, ring size convertor, stopwatch, math calculator, etc.

The biggest pro of this site is that you can open any calculator there on full screen. Thus, it gives the feeling of a physical calculator. The main idea behind making this website is that everyone needs a calculator somewhere in their life. Therefore, it has come with the mission to fulfill that need.

For every calculator, it has different screens, and that makes it special for users. According to the developers, more calculators will be added to the list to fulfill the needs of the users.

MyCalcu is an online platform that offers a range of calculators in a beautifully designed display. According to the developers, every sort of calculator can be availed from their site online. These calculators are helpful for people coming from different walks of life.

They are easily accessible. You just need to bookmark the page address and visit it with a single click. The range of calculators included are conversion, finance, math, holiday, business, time and data, and some miscellaneous calculators.

OmniCalculator is one of the best online calculators. What makes it leading in the list is because of its display which can be called the most advanced of all. According to the claim of the developers, 1699 calculators can be accessed from their website.

Because of its unmatchable services, OmniCalculator has been featured in a range of reliable names like Forbes, World Economic Forum, The New York Times, etc. According to the website, their aim is to bring empowerment through rationalization.   

Desmos is a web-based calculator which has both web and app access available for users. It is a graphical calculator which provides advanced online scientific calculations. It provides its services for students and teachers alike. It has math tutorials for students as well.

This project is partnered by big names like Cambridge, Pearson, NWEA, etc.

Which One to Choose?

In the above description, we have given a detailed analysis of each calculator. Each of these fits the needs of people coming from various backgrounds and professions. You can choose one according to your needs.  If you want to calculate the BMI, then the BMI calculator is an easy tool that can serve you.

If you want to solve graphs or work on scientific equations, then a scientific or graphical calculator will fulfill your needs. Choose the one that you need, and their services won’t disappoint you.

We have worked on each of these, and their results were outstanding.

Take Your Decision

Based on our choice, you have got the list simplified. Now choose the one that outshines others based on performance, results, and other features.

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