What are the Basic Types of Business Information Systems?

Some of the basic types of business information system which would be used for help in understanding the various kind levels while understanding the various levels of an organization which would be essential. It would also be helping in understanding the various information which is required by the users to be operating for the vary of the respective level. There are information system and decision structure which would be helping with the pyramid of the structure of an information system.

The pyramid structure is divided into namely two parts –

  1. Information system
  2. Decision structure.

The information system is divided into three subparts-

  1. The decision support system,
  2. Management information system and
  3. Transaction processing system.

Decision structure, The part is divided into three subparts, namely-

  1. Unstructured
  2. Semi structure and
  3. Structured.

The pyramid diagram would be divided into three common parts-

  1. Strategic management,
  2. Tactical management and
  3. Operational management.

According to Ana, HOD of Myassignmenthelp– “The operational management in the structure is stated to be concerned with the performing a day to day business transaction of the organization. In the particular structure, the management would be including cashiers at the particular point of sale, bank tellers, nurses in a hospital while making any of the important decisions“. It would also be including some of the customers and also care staff. Users at this level would be used for making the structured decisions in the pyramid. It would be meaning that the users would be defining rules which would be guiding them which would be making decisions for analysis of all the structure of the information system in making the decision structure of the information system.

For an instance, it would be selling the store which would be crediting and would-be policy that some of the limits on the borrowing. All the salesperson needs to deciding the fact whether it would be more appropriate for crediting to the customers or not which is based on the current credit of information from the system. It would also be having the part of that of a tactical management system. The organization would be dominated by the middle leveled managers and also heads of departments and supervisors. It would be the users who would in the level usually overseeing the activities of the users at the operational management level. They would be making some of the levels which would be helping them in making some of the semi-structured decisions. The decisions are some of the parts based on the set of guidelines and also the judgmental calls from the organization. This level is some of the most prominent in the senior level organization. The users would be making this level which is stated to be an unstructured decision. In this fact, it could be seen that concerns with long term planning of the organization could be seen in the fact that it would be helping in making the decisions.

Business information system

            Some of the prominent processes in my assignment help business information system are transaction processing systems and management information systems. In the system of the transactional processing system, it is said that the system is used for the recording of the day to day business transaction of the organization. They are said to be in the primary objective of the transactional processing system which is said to be in the form of answering some basic and routine questions if asked. With the help of the system, it would be easier for recording in the day to day transactions, the system of transactional information system would be answering all the basic routine questions orderly and timely.

            Another part of the business information system is the management information system. It is said to be used as the tactical management by all the managers of the organization for monitoring the current performance of the status. The output from the transactional processing is used as one of the valid and important inputs for being used in the management information system. The system would be analyzing all the necessary kinds of algorithms. It would be helping in understanding all the various kinds of summarizing and control of the results that are collected for predicting future performance.

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