Understanding How Flea Collars Work for Cats

Cat with flea collaring of the past?

The use of flea collars for cats wont to be the foremost popular and accessible flea control option, however, since the newer spot-ons that proved to be safer and simpler were developed, it’s evident that the first velvety collars could become a thing of the past. Some owners may still choose a flea collar for flea control for several reasons, including their lower cost, simple use (as many cats seem to resent spot-on applications), and habit.

Furthermore, flea collars are often made with none elastic in them, making it impossible for cats to disentangle themselves if the collar becomes caught on something like a limb . Cats are known to choke to death in such situations, so it is vital to form sure that any collar is one your cat can free itself of in an emergency. If the collar is applied too loosely, they will get their leg stuck in it, causing the collar to chop through the fragile skin under the forelimb. Some collars made especially for cats have special quick release catches et al. have elastic built into the straps. it’s essential to see that this is often the case before purchase.

How do flea collars work?

A substance that dissolves and spreads throughout the fatty. As you’ll imagine, the primary way are often very ineffective as only fleas in close proximity to the collar are affected. this is often usually how the cheaper collars work. Some contain active ingredients that will be toxic to some animals, for instance , some Ctenocephalides canis safe flea collars for cats can cause illness or death in cats that inherit contact with the collar. The second way is far simpler and contains safer ingredients.

A new revolution within the world of flea and tick control has now been introduced to pet owners. A non-prescription treatment (previously only available from the vet) ‘Seresto┬« flea and tick control collar’ is out there for cats & dogs. Seresto keeps your pet protected for up to eight months at a time, which is certainly something to think about when purchasing your next flea and tick treatment. For further information please contact one among our qualified SQP’s on 0203 6750870.

Seresto flea and tick control collars are ready to kill ticks and fleas through contact – in order that they do not have to bite your pet to become infected. this suggests reduced irritation and also reduced risk of those parasites transmitting diseases, which provides you peace of mind that your furry friend is well protected.

What alternatives are available?
Spot-on Flea Treatments
Frontline Spot On

Frontline Spot-On For Cats

Protects from flea re-infestation for up to five weeks in cats (apply every 4 weeks during peak season)
Prevents re-infestation of ticks for 1 month
Can be used during pregnancy and lactation

Advantage For Cats, Dog & Rabbits

Safe to be used in kittens/puppies over 8 weeks old, safe during lactation & pregnancy
Advance Formulation – Waterfast or Water Proof

best flea collars for cats – there’s an increasing number of oral flea treatments for cats that kill the adult fleas on your pet.


Capstar Flea Treatment For Cats & Dogs

Orally administered treatment
Adult fleas begin to be killed after just quarter-hour
100% of fleas faraway from a pet in 24 hours
Safe to offer quite one treatment, but not on an equivalent day

Insect Growth Regulators – When a pet is treated with an oral insect phytohormone , it circulates within the animal’s bloodstream. Then, if a flea bites the pet, it ingests the insect phytohormone and passes it on to its eggs, rendering them unable to hatch. they’re given in food once a month.

Program Suspension for cone collars for cats

Available as simple to offer suspension.
This breaks the life cycle and prevents a flea infestation in your home.

Integrated Flea Control – uses a mixture of two different types of insecticide which target the various stages of the flea life cycle: an adulticide to kill the adult fleas you’ll see on the pet, and an insect phytohormone to affect the eggs they lay around your house.

Frontline Plus For Cats

Frontline Plus for Cat

Kills biting lice
Inhibits the event of eggs and larvae
Protects your pet and therefore the home

Injectable Flea Control – An injectable flea control product is out there for cats. It contains an insect phytohormone which prevents fleas from having the ability to get viable eggs around your home for a full six months.


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