Now delivery of Non-Essential Items India Starts

The outbreak of COVID pandemic has triggered multifold challenges and contradictions. Numerous restrictions were imposed during lockdown periods with the intention to protect people from the fangs of this deadly and infectious disease. Due to the speedy progression of the COVID-19 around the world, the online retailers are also going through a panic phase. The year 2020 is about to alter the trajectory of eCommerce.

Ecommerce platforms Help in Delivery of Non-essential Items  

However, “considerable relaxations” are given in lower-risk districts which are marked as green and orange zones in India. In yet another alteration in guidelines for enforcing the lockdown, the authorities are allowing transport of “all goods” and not just essential commodities which included only medical supplies, food and groceries. India has now initiated delivery of non-essential products to create ease. Now, transport companies are allowed to function and operate with important guidelines in place to help the flow of supply chain of essential and non-essential commodities. The new guidelines will also open up most parts of the country for sellers and ecommerce companies. All the large and small online businesses are now showing resiliency to survive this crisis. Thus, there can be growth of online retail in sectors such as fashion, garments electrical and varied ICT goods. This will inevitably give a powerful boost to the staggering economy and help in reviving economic activity. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises working on ecommerce marketplace will  get a reviving fillip. 

 E-commerce Companies Gear to Deliver Non-essential Commodities 

  • As authorities progressively charter out a lockdown exit strategies, the commerce companies are starting their operations to serve the clients and make efficient deliveries.
  • Earlier e-commerce companies were facing grave transportation issues due to the lockdown. But with recent change in directives the leading ecommerce companies are getting back to business but with certain cautions
  • Big e commerce companies such as Amazon  said that this will give a boost to  large number of retailers on  working on the company’s platform as it enables ecommerce to deliver a extensive selection of non-essential  products while  maintaining the  norms of safety,  and social distancing. 
  • The consumers can now get varied products in all classified areas except the containment zones. 
  • Few of the non-essential products include hygiene products such as, soaps, disinfectants, handwashes, shampoos, sanitary pads, surface cleaners, body wash detergents and tissue papers, toothpaste, diapers, battery cells, chargers among others.  
  • Online alerts for critical information are given to the consumer via text or mobile so that parcels can be collected safely keeping in view social distancing regulations. 

Reputed Transporters Operate Efficiently to Facilitate Ecommerce 

In these extenuating circumstances there is a dire need for transporters to operate efficiently and maintain seamless movement of trucks so that supply chain of non-essential products in the country is not disturbed. The Delhi to Ahmedabad transporters offer efficient trucking services to ensure non-essential commodities can reach the consumers door step without any delays. Reliable transport companies are plying their trucks on road to ensure uninterrupted transportation so that ecommerce business does not suffer any longer. Stream lining transportation execution will assist in putting ecommerce sales and deliveries of non-essential products on track after the lockdown.