My Vape is Leaking; How Do I Fix It?

My Vape is Leaking

Your vape tank can start leaking anytime, anywhere, even in public places. And this can make you uncomfortable, especially when the leaky tank has stained your clothes. If your tank is leaking for the first time, don’t freak out. As vape lovers, most of us have had the same experience before. Most times, the leaking is not caused by a faulty device but rather by something the user is not doing some things correctly. Fortunately, you can fix a leaky vape tank by following simple and easy steps. No matter the type of device you use, this guide will provide you with the correct solutions to a leaky CBD vape tank.

Check the Coils

Many causes of a leaking vape tank are related to coils. Most high-quality CBD vape pens have special coils that work well with that particular brand. Ensure your portable vaporizer has the correct coil. Also, always remember that coils are not designed to last forever. They need to be replaced at some point because, after heavy use, they start to break down, and the tanks get affected. If you have been vaping on the same coil for a long time, replace it, and it will probably solve the problems of tank leakage. Coils are relatively inexpensive to replace, so if your vape pen is frequently leaking, start by replacing the coils.

Keep the Tank Clean

Regular maintenance of your CBD vape tank is also important for maintaining its life and performance. CBD oil can accumulate in the tank over time and cause leaking problems. It is important to clean your equipment and tank regularly so that they can work for a very long time. After each use, disassemble the tank and rinse it thoroughly.

Fill the Tank Correctly

Inspect the top-fill hole for air leakage. Vape tanks are designed with the capacity to fill to the maximum, so they can’t be overfilled with CBD oil. If the tank is too full, it will definitely leak of CBD oil. Pay attention to the amount of CBD oil you add to the tank so that you don’t exceed the optimum filling level for your device.

Hold the Tank Upright

Even though the vape tanks that are being produced recently are less prone to leakage than ever before, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to protect your tank. Do not leave your CBD vape pen resting on one side for a long time. All vape containers are less likely to leak if stored upright.

Check for Cracks

Inspect the vape tank for any damages. If you find a tiny crack, then the tank isn’t airtight anymore. This will cause the CBD oil to leak and enter the air inlet valve. Cracked glass is usually very simple and inexpensive to fix.

Check the Seal

Ensure the seal of your vape tank is properly fastened together. You probably forgot to screw the top cap tight enough because you were in a hurry. This can cause the CBD oil to penetrate into the holes. Ensure the threads are fastened, but not too tight.

The Last Step to Solving A Leaky Vape Tank

Don’t panic. A leaking vape tank won’t be the end of the world. We understand that you want to have the best vaping experience, and sometimes issues like this can disrupt your enjoyable experience. If you really want to avoid leakage issues, consider upgrading your tank. We have the best CBD vape product in stock. Find out the best CBD vape products right for you from our store collections here.

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