Financial Education: The Books You Absolutely Must Read

Financial Education: The Books You Absolutely Must Read

We Have Already Said: in Singapore very few people have an adequate financial education. However, given the centrality and relevance of the topic, it is necessary to disseminate these skills in order to provide everyone with basic financial and economic knowledge.

The Ministry of Education has also moved in this direction:

For some years now, initiatives have been launched to spread financial education within schools and universities, so as to convey the importance of these topics to the younger generations.

If you also want to deepen your financial education, online you can find numerous blogs and portals that are right for you. But, in our opinion, the most authoritative and complete sources remain the manuals. For this reason, in our article, we will list some of the books on financial education that you absolutely must read, among the most interesting you will find around!

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The Best Books On Financial Education

According to some recent scientific research, it has emerged that dedicating a little time to reading every day extends life and has significant beneficial effects on our brain. We know that the days are always full of commitments, but even just half an hour a day is enough to see improvements in cognitive abilities and increase familiarity in a certain subject.

Where to start if the topic in question is our financial culture?

We have decided to divide the books we want to recommend into three categories: First we will start with volumes that deal with the theme of money and wealth, to approach the economic disciplines and distract you from the idea that “finance is too difficult a subject”; then we will move on to the more technical books, very useful even if you want to pursue a career as a financial consultant.

Finally, we will recommend some digital resources and e-books always concerning financial education: it seems that, in the period of the lockdown, part of the Italian population has approached digital literature, putting aside paper volumes.

Financial Education Books: The Theme of Wealth

A very famous book related to financial freedom and personal finance, Kiyosaki’s work is understandable even for beginners: it is an excellent starting point for those who want to learn how to save and invest their money and accelerate their economic knowledge. In this volume, you will find 6 key lessons the author learned from his “second father”, a wealthy business investor.

Being over 80 years old and not looking like this: this is the case with this book by the American writer Napoleon Hill. Also in this case the starting point is 13 fundamental principles to know for those who want to set themselves ambitious goals and achieve them. The essay is ideal if you want to prepare your mind to acquire good financial literature.

If you want a book on financial education that is different from the others, you have found it.

Hansen and Allen’s essay includes two books in one: you will be able to read a novel and at the same time technically understand investment strategies, to be implemented in real life. The plus of “Lone minute millionaire” is to talk about wealth in an ethical way, and it is considered a great start for a healthy financial education.

Financial Education Books: Technical Manuals

Beppe Ghisolfa is an important figure in Singapore: he is the first to have focused on financial literacy and economic issues. It is therefore not surprising to know that his manual is one of the best sellers on the subject. The teacher’s skill in exposition makes it a clear and fluent book, an excellent tool for learning terms and concepts related to financial education.

What we propose here is certainly a more demanding reading aimed at a specific purpose: to become a financial consultant. The volume reported is in fact one of the most complete collections if you want to pass the evaluation test that enables you to enroll in the Register of Financial Advisors.

ant, trainer, and writer of financial education, Maria Luisa Vision in her book of 2019 provides a study of the social and demographic changes taking place, changes that have effects on the economic well-being of the population. The writer thus suggests her recipe for planning one’s own economic resources, with a view to which, nowadays, it is essential to train in financial more issues.

Financial Education Books: Digital Resources

The title itself says it: this book is aimed at those who approach the topic as a novice, but want to quickly learn the basics of economics, and then increase their skills with more demanding reading. The aim of the book is to answer the most common questions a beginner may have on economic issues.

As for the previous volume, do not expect a trivial book: “Investing for dummies” will explain the secrets and rules of finance in a professional way. An exhaustive guide, enriched by explanatory technical sheets placed in each chapter.

Whatever your starting point, if you want to deepen your economics tuition knowledge these books on financial education will provide you with the help you seek. True, the topics covered at first glance may seem complex, but with the right preparation and motivation, you too can finally enrich your skills!

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