Custom Printed Rigid Boxes for Flaunting Bohemian Jewelry Pieces

Pitching your products to the target audience doesn’t necessarily require conventional marketing and advertising tactics. Packaging can be used as a medium to increase customer outreach and promoting your unique offers. If you have a jewelry outlet with nature and universe inspired handcrafted pieces, use riveting boxes for a display to entrance the buyers. Inviting packaging would captivate the fashion junkies looking for feather and beads necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Aesthetically delighting packaging would make the shopping experience memorable for the consumers especially if you only have an online store.

Rigid boxes are popularly used for jewelry items; you can have them personalized according to your inclinations. Dazzling or earthly packaging layouts can be chosen considering the kind of product range you have. You can turn the boxes into insignia of your brand; use them to tell the shoppers about the natural uncut stones used in the chokers and rings. Packaging can help earn you a distinguished and prominent place in the market. The festive season is not far, gift boxes can be printed for Christmas and New Year’s exclusive offers to get them noticed. You should opt for a printer that is familiar with the newest industry trends and has assisted other retail businesses like you.

Talk to the packaging expert about your jewelry line in detail to elucidate the concept so that it reflects through the boxes. You should actively get involved in the whole customization process to ensure the end result is quite up to your expectations.

We are listing pointers that will help!

Define your Brand through Packaging Artwork

When getting the boxes designed, brief the graphic designers about the vision of your jewelry manufacturing business. Packaging should speak for the individuality of your company. Have names of the collections printed with the funky font. One liner description for each should also be there. You can check out the options to highlight text on the boxes.

Use Rigid Box Packaging for Customer Delight

You can attach a thank you note with the name of shoppers on the boxes to give them a gesture that every customer is special. Give away a discount coupon on bulk orders. Rigid Boxes can have a small card about the copper, brass, shells, and other jewelry items explaining how they are made and if they are from your signature or limited edition collection. You can have music and another themed packaging to add an exquisite touch to it.

Boxes that are Valuable Jewelry Organizers

Packaging should be spacious and can have dividers to keep the items well-stored and organized. Such boxes would stay with the consumers for a long time, increasing the chances of them making more purchases from you.

Custom rigid boxes can be printed with kraft paper, paperboard, or cardstock. If you stand staunchly for a greener planet, go for the biodegradable packaging. The boxes should have your store’s address printed at the back along with contact info, updated phone number, and email.

Mention if the metal bangles, bracelets, and necklaces are silver plated. You can market your remaking of old jewelry services on the packaging. If you are taking orders through Facebook or some other social media channel, mention this on the boxes.

You can entrust Legacy Printing with getting your packaging designed and manufactured at your preferred timeline. Clients aren’t overcharged for rush services. Chat with a CSR to get a better insight!

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