5 Negotiation Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

We already know well the panorama in the labor area: women continue to earn lower salaries than men in the same position, they are hired based on the results achieved in their previous jobs (and not on the expectation of their future performance) and continue fighting a lot of prejudices. In business, the situation is not much different.

It is that there are still few entrepreneurs who manage to tell great success stories, especially in areas such as technology, manufacturing, and finance. But without a doubt, in recent years there have been very important advances, and if you are traveling this path today we want to bring you some advice on a key capacity for business expansion: negotiation.

Do women have to negotiate in a different way? Not at the beginning. But do take into account the prejudices installed, and some other challenges that they must face. And this is what the experts say.

1. Research the person with whom you are going to deal

Go a bit beyond the usual task that any negotiator has to do, to know how to handle yourself from the beginning and discover areas of opportunity. For example, the age and gender of the person, their leadership style, if they employ many women or not, if there are women in their most trusted circle of employees, if they promote gender equality policies in their company, etc.

2. Always be yourself

Frustration leads many women to try to adopt other personalities, stronger or tamer as the case may be, in the belief that this will help them achieve their goals. Look in the mirror, recognize the traits of your personality that can help you in a negotiation process, and be yourself. Authenticity is always the best strategy.

3. Leave your emotions at the door

The best negotiators show no signs of anger, boredom, enthusiasm, or disappointment. And women, who by nature are more emotional, can make that mistake more easily. It is convenient that you read about the subject, and analyze your most common facial and body expressions.

4. Be fair

If your intention is to negotiate on equal terms, then do not play with cards such as “I deserve to be hired because I am a woman” or “I have many women on my team”. During the process, only refer to specific data, such as prices or rates, your company’s value proposition or after-sales service.

5. Learn from the best and practice

Take a training course, or hire a coach. Talk to entrepreneurs with more experience than you, and ask them to share their best experiences and advice. Practice in front of the mirror, or with your best salespeople. Preparation is essential to achieve the best results and, of course, with time and experience, you will become a better negotiator.

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