7 lifestyle Changes you Need to Make to Live Longer

lifestyle Changes

In the history of mankind, longevity was seen beyond our control but today there are plenty of healthy habits to increase lifespan, well-being and take you on the path to happiness. Make a new habit today and improve your well-being. It’s a myth that genes play the most significant role in life expectancy but the truth is longevity is largely dependent on factors like diet and lifestyle. Below we have listed 7 lifestyle changes that you need to make in order to live a healthy and long life.

7 lifestyle Changes to Live Longer:

. Start Reading Books

According to research done by Yale University School of Public Health, reading only 30 minutes a day extended the lives of the participants for 24 months as compared to the non-book readers. A total of 3600 participants older than 50 years took part in the research and they all experienced life-extending benefits. Reading a book provides more cognitive benefits resulting in a less mental decline in old age and increasing lifespan and, therefore, the book is the perfect medicine for living longer.

. Move More, Live More

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, regular physical workout at any level is connected with a lower risk of early death in older and middle-aged peoples. Moving more is the key to live longer, even lightweight workouts are linked to a lower risk of death in people. Moving more helps with the increase in blood circulation through the body and lowers our stress levels. It’s time to give up your sedentary lifestyle and do some physical activities.

. Adopt a Dog

People having dogs are more social and suffer less isolation, they do more interaction with friends and family, according to a study. The data analysis of 3.8 million dog owners found out they are less likely to die (65 percent less) from a heart attack, stroke problems and showed improvement in cardiovascular health. Having a dog in your home also motivates you to go on a walk and do some physical activity which is important for mental health.

. Cut Down on Alcohol

There are many health risks related to the consumption of alcohol, it should only be consumed in a limited manner. According to American dietary guidelines, 2 drinks for men and 1 drink for women per day is safe and healthy. Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body and reducing it will definitely benefit you in older age. Limiting alcohol surely helps you live longer and lowers the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

. Turn off the TV

A study shows if you are watching 6 or more hours of television per day then you are reducing your lifespan by 5 years or more. Watching tv has many health consequences, by only watching 1 hour of television per day you are shortening your life by 22 minutes, according to J. Lennert Veerman (University of Queensland, Australia).

. Bring Yoga and Meditation in your Daily Routine

People practicing yoga and meditation look younger than their age and live much longer than other peoples. Meditation is scientifically proven to increase glutathione (antioxidant) which helps to reduce stress and lowers the risk of cancer by increasing the t-cells in the body. Yoga boosts brain memory more than brain training exercises. It helps in lowering stress and anxiety and promotes longevity. If you keep interested in learning furthermore yoga practices, then you can easily get this opportunity with Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

. Add Omega-3s in your Diet

Annals of Internal Medicine published a study that says that older people with more omega-3s in their blood live 2.2 years longer than people having lower levels of omega-3s in their blood. Omega-3s lowers the risk of sudden cardiac death, heart attack, abnormal heart rhythm, and stroke. Fish, salmon, tuna, spinach, flaxseeds, and walnuts are some foods rich in omega-3s. Moreover, you can also consume organic products for better health benefits like naturally processed hydrosol, essential oil, and others too. These products are easily available in the market. But you should take extra caution while selecting products, whether they are 100% organic or not. Otherwise, these are great to use by my personal experience. 


Overall our lifestyle affects our body in many ways. If we take care of some things like mentioned above then we can definitely make our life healthy with longevity. Of course, a good diet and regular exercise can lead to healthy and happy living.  

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