5 Ways Friends Make Our Lives Happier

It is totally alright if you happen to bicker with your closest friend, if you happen to feel jealous of them for a particular reason or if they irritate your soul. Yes, these all are the components of friendship. However, what is the most important feature of friendship here that we all are aware of is? It is nothing else but love. They way they make us laugh when we are low; nobody else can. The way they pick us from our lows, no one can even think of reaching there. They would go to any limit just to make us laugh and smile, right? From getting us gifts through online gifts delivery to taking us out on a car ride, they do become the reason behind our happiness amidst all the stress and sorrow. There is no measurement of the benefits or the loss in a friendship. It is one unmeasurable unit in the world. How would you calculate all the joy and love they have brought into your life? All the breath-choking laughter you have burst into? However, this doesn’t mean that we should not be aware of the factors and ways they make us happy and alive. You definitely should be grateful to your friends even if you chose not to show it. Here is a list of ways that states how friends make your life happier. Let’s get started now!

Happiness is contagious:

If you happen to have friends that are happy and calm by nature, the possibility of you being happy doubles, likewise, if you happen to be a happy person, you can be a reason behind the happiness of your friends. A study states that the happiness of one person spreads through his or her group and makes the whole group a bunch of happy people. 

Talking out hearts out:

Whether it be you or your friend, sharing means so much. Yes, if you want a person who would listen to you for hours and does a healthy talk, wouldn’t it be any less than a blessing? Keeping the hearts out over a conversation is one of the best feelings a person could experience. Cutting the small talk and having an endless discussion with your favorite person is actually a therapy that everyone should have access of. 

Friendship improves healthy:

This is no joke! Friendship does that to everyone. If you have a bunch of friends that are happy, positive and match your vibes then here you go, more healthy in your mental and physical state. Friends help you keep socially integrated and at the same time, give you social support. So, when you are mentally fit and stronger, you tend to get physically stronger as well. 

Friends bring optimism:

Friends are the source of optimism in our lives. Researchers have stated that getting daily social support leads to optimism in our life. Who is better supported for us than our friends and family? None. So, with their consistent support and for believing in your thoughts, you can actually become more optimistic in nature and leave all your negativity behind. 

No judgements:

Judgements about your body, looks and thoughts are quite irritating, right? Especially if the judgement is negative. In the era when everyone can judge you without having any personal or professional relationship with you, it’s our friends who never judge us. Does it not feel great to be exactly you in front of your friends without having a fear of getting judges and back-bitch? Yes, it is. You can actually keep your mind and soul out in front of them, and they would rather have a quality talk on it instead of passing any judgements.

So, if this is the moment of realisation how grateful and blessed you are to have friends in your life, express your feelings and convey your gratitude towards your friends because it is necessary for every relationship. Order gifts online and use them as the token of love and gratefulness towards your friends. These are the small steps that make friendship stronger and reliable. 


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