5 Reasons Why Bamboo Blinds Are the Best Blinds to Buy

Bamboo Blind

If there is one certain task in life that seems very easy but turns out to be the most difficult thing to accomplish, what could it be? To give a few hints: 

“Strawberry or vanilla?”

“What to make for breakfast?”

Or “Which blinds to buy for my home?”

Let’s be honest. Choosing is the kind of task we’re talking about here. This practice is even made harder when we are bombarded by a wide array of great options. Ice cream comes in different tempting flavours and breakfast includes various dishes that vary from one place to another. Meanwhile, blinds are not just blinds.

With the vast number of options for fabric materials, it can be difficult to choose the right treatment for your windows. The same that goes with all the choices we make every single day. But today, we say goodbye to the hard decisions when it comes to choosing the right blinds for your home. We decided to make shopping a bit easier for you.

What Makes Bamboo Blinds the Best hoice? 

Bamboo blinds have made an exceptional pursuit in the blind and window shades market. Aside from its natural elegance and timelessness in trend, here are other reasons that will make you want to shop for bamboo blinds over and over again.

Bamboo Blinds are Eco-friendly. 

People are committed to protecting the environment, which is why we must promote green living at all costs. You can start by choosing items that are made of 100% eco-friendly materials. When it comes to blinds, bamboo is an excellent choice. It is a natural and renewable resource that is easy to propagate. Using bamboo blinds and other sustainable products is the best way to avoid synthetic materials that bring harmful effects to the environment.  

They Give your Home the Warmth it Needs.

Bamboo has a wide variety of colours and stains that adds texture in multiple ways. You can choose a lighter shade of bamboo blinds if you want something that blends in with light walls to achieve a bright, subtle look in summer. Or you can go for woven bamboo blinds with a bold, dark stain to give your room a warming effect during cold weather.      

They Require Low Maintenance. 

Unlike roman shades, curtains, and draperies, window ornaments that are made of natural bamboo do not necessarily require washing. You can easily clean your bamboo blinds with a delicate wipe. This way saves you from the inconvenience of taking them off the window to wash for a sec and then mounting them back routinely. Just make sure to handle them with extra care since bamboo is naturally weak and inclined to breaking.  

They Play Versatility in Design.

You’ll get surprised by how bamboo can be an incredibly versatile material that comes in different grand designs. You can find traditional slatted pieces that look very similar to Venetian blinds, while bamboo blinds can also be woven into a fabric-like material to form a Roman shade design. Bamboo blinds are not just for windows alone, you can also use them as entryway curtains. And, thanks to the modernisation era, bamboo blinds are now incorporated with remote control features.   

They are Always On-trend. 

Any natural texture is every designer’s favourite piece. Aside from they fit any style of decor, including panelled feature walls, lighting fixtures,  and window treatments, natural materials such as bamboo can never go out of style. Whether contemporary, retro or totally traditional, bamboo products can versatilely rock an interior design, especially when you choose a colour that ties into the room’s mouldings.