5 Different Types of Electrical Safety Devices

Electricity is one of the most important things in our life. We are so dependent on electricity that we can’t even imagine a single day without it. But, do you know that electricity can be dangerous for us? Therefore, it is important to install electrical safety devices at home, office or any other building.  Call a good electrician such as electrician Northern Beaches and make sure all the electrical safety devices are installed properly or not.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various types of electrical safety devices:

1. Electrical Fuses

The fuses are designed to provide protection when the current in the circuit starts flowing more than the threshold level. The electrical fuses are comprised of a thin strip of metal that will meltdown in case of excess current in the circuit. If the current level in the electrical circuit is below the threshold level, then this fuse will help to complete the circuit. But, when it exceeds the defined level, then the fuse metal breaks down and disconnect the circuit to protect your place from electrical hazard. 

To fix the electric circuitry, you have to replace the fuse with a new one. But, electrical fuses are things of the past. Nowadays, people prefer to install Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) in place of the fuse. The MCBs also help to prevent your electrical appliances when excess current flows through the circuit. But, you do not need to replace MCB every time after a failure. To install MCBs and fix any electrical problem, call a skilled electrician in your area such as electrician Northern Beaches Sydney.

2. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

The ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s) are designed and constructed to find out any problem within the electrical system and react immediately if any problem detected. The GFCIs cut off the main power immediately after sensing the anomaly. The GFCI compares the output current on the neutral wire to the input current level in hot wire. This comparison will help you to detect any current leakage in the circuitry.

They can detect even the smallest leakage such as 4 milliamps.  If you detect any anomaly, then GFCI will trip down immediately and break the circuit in just 10 milliseconds.  The GFCI safety devices help prevent you from any electrical hazard. Just like MCBs, you do not have to replace the GFCI after every electric fault. If the GFCI trip down so often, then there is a big electrical issue in your house. Therefore, you should call an electrician immediately such as Northern Beaches emergency electricians before any electric hazard takes place in your house.

3. Arc Fault Circuit Breakers

Arc fault circuit breaker is abbreviated as AFCB. AFCBs is another kind of home electrical safety gadgets. Usually, the normal circuit breakers can identify the electric fault when the level of current flowing through the electric circuitry goes beyond the threshold value. But AFCB can detect the fault much earlier than the rising current level.

The electric arc fault takes place when the electric current start flowing through an air gap between two conductors. The electric current in the air gap is due to dust and corrosion of the electric conductor surface. The AFCI can find out the chopped current level and detect the fault earlier. When the fault is detected by AFCI, then it will trip down. This way you can prevent the electric fire.

4. Surge Protectors

The surge protector is used to protect the electrical appliance and your home from sudden electrical spikes. The electrical spikes are highly dangerous. Though the surge protectors may look like extension cords. But they are entirely different form their operations. The surge protector provides a high level of protection from an increase in current flow.

Most electrical appliance manufacturers are ready to give warranty of their appliance if they are connected with surge protectors. The surge protector is costly than the power stips but they also provide a high level of protection to you and your electrical appliances.  To install surge protectors in your house, take the help of qualified electricians such as electrical contractors northern beaches.

5. Tamper Proof Receptacles

The tamper-proof receptacles are designed to offer electrical protection to young children or toddlers. The young children are very curious in nature and they love to grab anything that is different from others. The young children become curious when they see electrical outlets and they want to put their finger inside these holes.

The tamper-proof receptacles will restrict the electric current flow through the electrical outlet. The tamper-proof receptacles are will allow the electric current from this wall when all-electric outlets activated simultaneously. That means the toddler who is trying to put the hairpin or finger inside the electric outlet will not get shocked. You should try to keep your house electrically safe for your children, especially toddlers.

Final Words

It is important to ensure electrical safety at home, workplace or any other building.  The above mentioned electrical safety appliances will help you to keep you and your electrical appliances safe from the electrical hazard.

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