Irresistible Gota Patti Anarkali Suits Online For Elegant Look

Gota Patti is a popular embroidery form of India. It mainly involves the use of gold and silver laces. A metal yarn creatively covers these delicate laces. A specific applique method sews together the laces with the cloth using the needle and thread. All this work is handcrafted and thus, demands value. The gota Patti work is performed by the local artisans who make intricate patterns using this practice. From lehengas to salwar suits, Kurtis, gowns, and more, this technique is used on various dresses. You can get Vasansi Anarkali suits Online with gota Patti work look rich, elegant, and magnificent. You can wear these splendid and decorated suits on many unique occasions.

Vasansi Anarkali suits with gota Patti work are available in rich colors and designs. You can check out a wide range of Vasansi Anarkali suits online and own a lovely suit that is ornate with marvelous gota Patti work. As for now, we have picked some of the best Anarkali suits online that portray the beauty of this luxurious embroidery form. 

  1. Beige Anarkali Suit with Handcrafted Gota Patti & Cut Daana Work
Beige Anarkali Suit with Handcrafted Gota Patti & Cut Daana Work

Shine out on a special occasion with this unique and extremely beautiful Vasansi Anarkali suit. The beige and black color amalgamate creatively in the pure ethnic gota Patti pattern that covers the suit from top to bottom. The handcrafted gota embroidery and cut daana work give a distinctive look to this dress. With long fitted sleeves and floor-touching length, this Anarkali suit has all the attractions that you deserve at any event. The plain beige-colored dupatta in organza fabric enhances and balances the look of this exquisite Anarkali dress. 

  • Peach Colored Anarkali Suit with Gota Patti Pattern  
Anarkali suits Online:Peach Colored Anarkali Suit with Gota Patti Pattern

Buy this mesmerizing Vasansi Anarkali suit to get a striking look on any grand occasion. The blend of peach and silver looks fantastic in this dress. The gota Patti work has been used in a fresh style comprising a broad belt on the waist. The rest of the silver embroidery appears in the form of floral motifs that cover the entire suit. The broad border at the hem shows rich Gota Patti patterns. If you are looking for extraordinary Anarkali suits with a price that doesn’t bother you, this one will make for a luxurious choice! 

  • Off-White Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit with Zari & Gota Patti
Off-White Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit with Zari & Gota Patti

Are you searching for an affordable Anarkali suits price that fits well into your budget and fulfills your shopping needs? Find the most suitable choices in the form of beautiful Vasansi Anarkali suits that are affordable and extraordinary. This particular Anarkali suit in chanderi silk is one of the best examples of how you can get a lovely dress at a reasonable price. The off-white color looks great in the background, while the black print creates a superb contrast. Gota Patti and zari work further enhance the beauty of this Anarkali suit.  

  • Green Georgette Anarkali Suit with Stylish Sleeves & Gota Patti
Anarkali suits Online:Green Georgette Anarkali Suit with Stylish Sleeves & Gota Patti

Get a distinct look with this ‘oh-so-beautiful’ Anarkali suit available in a unique shade of green. While Tikki, gota, and zardozi work are the main traits of this georgette Anarkali suit, the sleeves are also worth the admiration. The long split sleeves make for immediate attention in this dress and give a fashionable look. The top of this suit has fine gota, Tikki, and zardozi work. The hem has been kept a bit simple except for the border part. The border shows fine gota and zari patterns. 

  • Black Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit with Gota Patti Work
Black Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit with Gota Patti Work

Your excitement of Anarkali suit shopping online quickly doubles when you come across a lovely and matchless suit like this one! It has the magic of black color that gets even more highlighted with the white gota Patti pattern. The long bishop sleeves with sleek edges add delicacy to this lovely chanderi Anarkali suit. The hem features an imaginative design using the silver gota that gives a splendid look to this suit. 

  • Baby Pink Anarkali Suit Decorated with Gota Patti, Cut Daana & Sequence
Anarkali suits Online:Baby Pink Anarkali Suit Decorated with Gota Patti, Cut Daana & Sequence

Women who love to wear light colors will fall in love with this baby pink colored Anarkali suit. It looks so delicate, smooth, and elegant. The fitted waist and long sleeves look quite feminine. This Anarkali suit shows a fine work of cut daana, thread, and gota Patti that beautifies the top part and edges of sleeves. The tiny floral motifs in gota look great on the finely pleated hem of this Anarkali suit. Flaunt this lovely and feminine suit during winter luncheons and summer soirees. 

  • Off-white Raw Silk Anarkali Gown with Gota Patti, Sequence & Zari
Off-white Raw Silk Anarkali Gown with Gota Patti, Sequence & Zari

This Anarkali suit is a perfect option when you want to look unique and attractive. It has a lovely off-white background enriched with an interesting mix of colors, including blue and red. With a Jodhpuri neck and long sleeves, the style of this suit looks very elegant. The suit is further beautified with the fantastic work done in zari, sequence, and gota Patti. Team it up with blue drop earrings and get ready for plenty of compliments. 

Gota Patti is a rich, famous, and traditional embroidery form of India. Well-known fashion designers all over the world admire this beautiful embroidery form. The showcased Vasansi Anarkali suits featuring the stunning gota Patti work help you outshine on any occasion. Wearing these suits is a fabulous way to look elegant and sophisticated with accessories to make it look more beautiful. Moreover, these suits are available in a broad color palette. Check out the all-inclusive range of Anarkali suits to buy online at Vasansi. The Vasansi Anarkali collection offers the best price, rich designs, and top-quality fabric. It, indeed, opens doors of infinite shopping opportunities before you! Buy the above Gota Patti ornate suits to get a luxurious look.

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