Embroidery Vs Printing – Which One Do You Like?

embriodery vs printing

In recent times, personalized clothing has taken a toll on regular clothing with more and more organizations, businesses, and industries choosing custom clothing. With such a dominant effect on the choices of consumers, more brands are offering custom choices then they used to before.

With that being said, decoration options are diverse, and each business chooses decoration according to their business needs. But among all the options, logo embroidery and screenprint stand out as direct competitors.

What makes logo embroidery and screen printing unique is the variety and options they bring to the table. Both are done decorated differently and offer plenty. So if your business is searching for custom clothing, they should really figure out their options, and their market.

It doesn’t really matter if you are choosing either logo embroidery or screen printing. You should base your decision on your marketing budget, your business logo, and also your usage.

If you are confused and don’t really know the answer, let us find out more about the techniques logo embroidery and screen printing offer, alongside their merits and demerits.

Let us first look into logo embroidery.

Embroidery – What Do We know?

In general terms, embroidery is all about stitching your design on a piece of fabric through a machine. The process involves the usage of needles that stitches your design piece by piece to give it a clean and finished look.

The design is then redrawn and stitched again through a process known as digitizing, allowing the embroidery machines to access the logo file and then later onwards stitch the design into the fabric. If you are still unsure how it works, you can find about embroidery online.

Benefits of Embroidery

  • Clean finishing – Unlike other decoration options, embroidery offers a clean, professional finish. This is one of the reasons why a majority of the businesses, companies, and organizations choose logo embroidery over other decoration options.
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting – The best part about embroidery is that they tend to last for a long time as compared to other decoration methods.
  • Different colors at one price point – Embroidery has multiple colors, and their prices are the same. Embroidery machines normally have around 25 colors suggesting that you can use multiple colors during the stitching process without any additional charges. As compared to screen printing which also offers multiple colors at different price rates, logo embroidery is cost-effective.

De-merits of embroidery

  • Logo embroidery is not for small designs – Logo embroidery does not work well for small, delicate designs, which is why larger fonts and designs are encouraged.
  • Gets costly – Many people may not know this, but many embroiders charge a one-time setup fee as compared to the other decoration options. For a more prominent design with increased stitched counts, embroidery gets more costly than the others.

Printing – What do we know?

To keep it short, screen printing is a process where a mesh applies ink on the substrate apart from the areas blocked by the stencil. An old decoration technique which has been transformed with time, screen printing offers several options for the customers.

Color transfer, direct-to-garment (DTG), Vinyl printing, and screen printing are the options of printing. Based on your business requirements, the printer gives you the best option that you can use for branding and marketing.

Benefits of printing

  • Perfect for small designs – In contrast to embroidery, printing offers a sophisticated, clean finish, especially in small designs which embroidery doesn’t offer at all.
  • Ideal for big designs – Embroidery gets expensive with a large stitch count, but printing doesn’t, which is why it is perfect for large designs.
  • Reduced prices – As compared to embroidery, printing is cheaper and offers an excellent finish that embroidery cannot.

De-merits of printing

  • Printing is not ideal for fleece fabrics – Unlike embroidery printing is not viable on fleece materials and only works well on flat surfaces.
  • Not much reliable or durable – Unlike embroidery, printing is less durable and starts to wear off over the course of time.
  • Finishing is poor – The finishing of screen printing is very bad on garments like shirts and polo shirts which why both these garments have embroidery on.

Ending Note So there you have it. You now know the pros and cons of both embroidery and printing. However, we suggest that you check out business requirements before finalizing one.

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