9 Tips for a Radiant Complexion

Radiant complexion

Do you sometimes feel that your skin could use a kick of freshness? With these tricks, your complexion will shine again

If you follow these tips, there is nothing to prevent a fresh look

How great would it be to shine every day as if you had just three weeks of vacation behind you? Every woman probably dreams of a fresh, rosy complexion: Because each of us looks the same more alert, healthier and younger when the skin glows.

n everyday life, however, the skin can lose its shine. Factors such as stress, damaging environmental factors such as air pollution and UV radiation, lack of exercise and insufficient sleep often make the complexion look tired and dull. And of course, looking in the mirror shouldn’t make you tired. We have collected nine tips for you on how to quickly make your complexion shine again.

  1. Drink, drink, drink!
    The skin is our largest organ. Our body detoxifies not only through the liver, kidneys and intestines but also through the skin. To do her job, she needs one thing above all: water. The hydration helps flush out toxins while transporting nutrients to the right places. The natural hyaluronic acid of the skin also attracts the water – the skin becomes more elastic and can even appear slightly padded. It is not for nothing that water is the favorite answer of top models when it comes to their flawless skin. Buy skin care products mostly from well known brand such as The Ordinary. I prefer buying products using Deciem The Ordinary coupon codes that save me alot at bulk purchase.
  2. Snack!
    Especially now that the days are getting longer and the sun is coming out more often, our desire for fresh fruit as an alternative to sweets is increasing. And you can definitely snack on fruit extensively, because the healthy nutrients are also good for your skin. Especially watermelon and berries should be on the plan. Watermelon is rich in lycopene, which protects against damage from UV light and helps the skin to prevent and relieve redness. Berries are full of antioxidants that protect against free radicals and can also prevent skin aging from too much sun. By the way, you can not only eat the berries – they can also do their miracles as a mask, mashed and enriched with honey.
  3. Nourish your skin with a detox effect!
    If you suffer from pale skin, which may also tend to impurities, it makes sense to align your entire care routine to the target detox. Products with ingredients such as activated carbon, clay or glycolic acid cleanse the skin deeply. Your care will be most effective if you build it up in several steps, in which the ingredients interact and thus complement each other, for example with Neutrogena.

The new “Skin Detox” line consists of five components and offers particularly effective cleaning and care against pollutants and daily environmental pollution. You can easily get this online using Amazon promo codes to get 20% discounts. With the ” 3-in-1 micelle water ” you can easily remove make-up and dirt, the skin is deeply cleaned of pollutants and daily environmental pollution. The “ 2-in-1 cleansing & mask ” with glycolic acid and clay cleanses deeply and can either be used daily as a cleansing or as a mask for a particularly intensive treatment. In addition to the “ 2-in-1 moisturizer“With antioxidants and cell-strengthening peptides that protect the skin against daily environmental influences, you can take the“ skin-refining peeling ”of the series up to three times a week. Your skin gets the extra portion of care with the “hydrogel mask”.

  1. Stand upside down!
    Do you need fresh color on your face? And best of all immediately? A quick trick when you need rosy cheeks (e.g. because a meeting is pending) is to bend over for a few seconds. The increased blood flow to the facial skin literally shines from the inside. But be careful: you should not “stand your head” for more than two minutes to avoid headaches or subsequent dizziness when the blood redistributes in the rest of the body.
  2. Treat your skin to an extra dose of care!
    If you are currently struggling with particularly dry skin, you can treat yourself to an extra portion of moisture with sheet and gel masks. These are cheap and easier to use than cream masks. Simply put the mask (eg ” Hydrogel Mask ” from Neutrogena) on your face in the evening after cleaning your skin for 15-30 minutes. This gives your skin an extra dose of moisture and care. Sheet masks also have a pleasant cooling effect and soothe the stressed skin.
  3. Strengthen your skin with vitamin C!
    Both through food and as a serum, vitamin C can work wonders to make your skin glow in the long term. Food that is rich in vitamin C (broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, peppers, oranges, …) has been shown to trap free radicals in the body and repair the damage they cause, such as small wrinkles. Vitamin C also strengthens the connective tissue and so cushions the skin. Concentrated and deeply effective, this effect can be enhanced by a vitamin C serum, which you massage into your facial skin after cleansing but before your care. The skin is additionally stimulated by the massage.
  4. Exfoliate regularly!
    You should exfoliate your face with dead skin at least once a week. Many peelings contain additional nourishing ingredients (eg ” Exfoliating skin peeling ” from Neutrogena). You benefit from several effects: Firstly, the skin can breathe again by removing dander and also better absorb the active ingredients of your care. In addition, your skin immediately feels smoother. Due to the increased blood circulation, it also shines. However, you should not exfoliate your skin too often, as this can dry out faster.
  5. Snack, again!
    If you are already buying fresh fruit: Nuts are also real magic weapons for the skin. Brazil nuts, for example, are rich in selenium, which keeps the skin elastic. Walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for inflammation and prevent blemishes. Macadamia nuts are also flattering to the skin. With this nut mixture of high quality oils and fatty acids, you will do something good for your skin from the inside.
  6. Clean your makeup brushes!
    Be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your makeup utensils? A British study found that 72% of Britons never clean their makeup brushes and sponges. It shouldn’t look very different for us. Not only old make-up is deposited there, but also dirt and bacteria. With each brush stroke you smear the dirt back on your face – this can potentially lead to impurities. Brushes with which you apply foundation and other liquid make-up should be cleaned once a week, brushes for powder and dry make-up are due every two to three weeks.

By the way: You should also regularly clean or disinfect your mobile phone display. There, too, many bacteria collect that come close to your face with every phone call and can potentially cause pimples there.

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