Understand 9 Types of Keywords in SEO to Convert Your Business Leads

Types of keywords

Types of Keywords, you need to understand first how many types of keywords are in SEO which you need to target for your business, Users search through different terms, and If you understand them and target the right keyword on your content then your website can have lots of organic traffic on your website. When you target the right keywords through SEO, that’s when you can have the right visitors, more potential, and more conversions through these keywords.

So, there are so many Keywords in SEO, and how will you know what and where to use which keywords. For this, you have to perform solo keywords research and should understand the types of keywords in SEO.

To understand the Types of Keywords in SEO you need to know all of your options available for SEO and SEM.

  1. Short Tail Keywords/ Head Keywords
  2. Long Tail Keywords
  3. Brand Keywords
  4. Broad Keywords
  5. Exact Keywords
  6. Buyer Keywords
  1. Short Tail Keywords/ Head Keywords:

Short tail keywords, as the name, indicates this is short-term keywords, which contain two to three words. Users search through short keywords sometimes these keywords are also called head keywords. These short-tail keywords are so competitive as there are millions of searches connected to that two or three words.

Let’s Say, If someone searching for Cold there can be cold weather, cold coffee, and cold prevention remedies.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint the actual search intent of users for short-tail keywords. These short-tail keywords have so much competition and high search volume. Sometimes Google also gets confused for the search term, so it gets results in most searchable and famous things.

Short tail keywords are not easy to rank on Google as they are consistently But it doesn’t mean you can’t target those keywords, they are the most important keywords and you need to mention those short tail keywords, any user search first those short keywords.

  1. Long Tail Keywords:
    Long-tail keywords are more specific and high buyer intent keywords, As word specified when someone searches for something exact they search exact words, sometimes they know somewhere on a website they will get that thing like any product or something like that.

Long-tail keywords have less competition and lower search volume. That’s why you can target those keywords and can get the most conservative users on your website.

When users search those long-tail keywords that means they are searching for something to buy and if you are targeting this kind of keyword you can convert those visitors to your website.

The main characteristics of Long-tail keywords are they are less competitive, have high conversions, have less search volume, and have specific search intent.

  1. Brand Keywords:
    Brand Keywords are well-known keywords that include brands name with product names along with product types or it can be the intentional searching keyword which is type of keyqord. Let’s say If you are a well-known brand name then your audience can search by your name and can head straight to your website. Like if you’re branded eCommerce company like SUGAR cosmetics, then your search terms can be like this.
  • Sugar Foundation
  • Sugar Lipsticks
  • Sugar Contour

For this, you can focus on brand keywords in SEO where customers search directly for you and have higher competition with other brands. And the best benefit is you have already a customer base for your brands.

  1. Broad Keywords:
    Broad keywords have the potential to gain more web traffic with less competition, as these board keywords are specific and general terms. While searching on google if user type narrows down the searches then they can easily find what they are searching for. in this search, term users know exactly what they are searching for.

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Mostly broad search term use on Google ads search campaign, In broad match keywords, google ads can display in any search which is related to your targeted keyword. Google accepted it as synonyms, misspellings, and related search terms. So these keywords are related to broad matches and higher conversions.

Let’s say, Someone searching for winter shoes, So there are related searches can be winter shoe sale, winter shoe sale, shoes for winter.

  1. Exact Keywords:
    Exact match keywords search are so specific keywords which tell google to show the result only on the search to the exact keywords or just so related keywords. Most product-based companies use this kind of keyword sometimes for specific products, During the Google ads campaign, google shows the ads when the search match the exact keyword.
  1. Buyer Keywords:
    Buyer keywords are those in which users are ready to purchase something and looking for some product or services. SO, they usually search for some discount, or coupon code and sale. Either they are searching to direct purchase and can grab a quick discount. For Example,
  • Buy 2 get 1 offer
  • Discount
  • Coupon code
  • Deals on Handbags

These are the most searched products for eCommerce websites, with strong CTA (Call to action). They are high buyer keywords where if you place the right page to the targeted keywords then you can have huge traffic and more conversions.

Here we are covering the other 4 types of keywords for Buyer Intent before Purchasing.

  • Informational keywords
  • Navigational keywords
  • Transactional keywords

Informational Keywords(Know): As the name reflects information, Informational keywords are generally searched for want to know about something, When users search information about their keywords then Informational comes in the search result. Searchers use these types of keywords when they already know about something and also want to know more through search and get more information.

Navigational Keywords(GO): As per indication of Navigational keywords are like longtail keywords, which use to navigate somewhere to a certain page that is intended to solve the problem. If someone wants to buy a leather jacket it means all the search results come from the sites where these jackets will be available. As a result, it could be eCommerce sites will the result.

Transactional Keywords(Do): Transactional keywords suggest buying something and These indicate going for some deals and that’s why refers to like where to buy, buy one get one, Deals, and discount. According to the study, these keywords help to get more conversions that’s why users target these transactional keywords on their sales page. These keywords attract users to their website and attract potential customers. These are types of keywords mentioned in SEO and google ads to lead traffic on the website.

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