Improve Your Social Media Presence: This Is How It Works

Improve your social media presence

Nowadays, social media presence is an important part of marketing for almost all companies. It is ideal for marketing and sales measures as well as for entering into dialog with customers and creating a closer connection. But what do you actually need to properly manage your social media presence and thus generate new fans and followers? How can you bind users to your channel and, more importantly, win them over as customers?

The Alpha and Omega of a Social Media Presence: Set Priorities

Smart Goals and Target Groups

In order to improve your social media presence as a company, it is not absolutely necessary to be active on all social platforms. Above all, be present where your potential customers are. Therefore, define your target group at the beginning and become aware of which social media channels are effective for your project.

Then you have to consider which content is appealing to the respective user and how you define your “brand’s voice”. Mainly because it conveys the values of a brand or a company linguistically through structure and style, the latter is very important for a company – and should accordingly be understood as a strategic asset in marketing.

Once you have successfully circled your target group, start thinking about your explicit goals. The success of a social media strategy can only be measured in retrospect by setting measurable goals. For example, the company could wish for more engagement in the form of an increase in fans or followers, clicks, traffic, leads, etc. Those who assign a specific purpose to their social media appearances avoid aimless activities.

Create Your Own Content for Social Media

Once the goals and target group have been clearly defined, the next step is about the content. Anyone who wants to stand out as a company in the social media jungle must not only trust and adapt to what others are doing. A whole own content strategy for the social media platforms is required. Of course. The only important thing here is that you do not lose sight of your individual target group. Ask yourself what interests your users are pursuing, which content is really appealing to them and, in the best case, even brings them added value.

For example, animations, videos, series of articles, or user-generated content can increase the interaction between the company and the target group. But exclusive offers or competitions can also help turn general social media users not only into fans but ultimately also customers. And satisfied customers can ultimately become a kind of “ambassador” for the company, because, as is well known, positive reports from the fan community ensure the best advertising.


Authenticity and Closeness

With the help of social media marketing, companies want to strengthen their sales and, of course, advertise. However, the company profile should not become a permanent advertising channel, but first and foremost be authentic. Viewers, users, followers, potential customers also want to get to know the story “behind” and the faces. You wonder who is actually behind the fire. Companies can use the blurred boundaries between business and privacy in the networked world of the Internet for themselves and their offerings.

Brand’s Voice On Social Media

Build relationships instead of “fishing for followers”

It is also important to maintain the company’s own identity in social media marketing. Many brands these days are no longer afraid of addressing their target audience as if they were talking to a good friend. The establishment of relationships and further cultivation require a certain degree of willingness to engage in dialogue on the part of the company. Followers who actively participate in the brand’s social networks can, for example, be marked or mentioned in posts from time to time. Positive comments can deserve to be liked. In special cases, it is also worth commenting on the company in order to enter into direct dialogue if there is a specific reason for discussion. This also applies to questions, shares, and mentions. By offering solutions to problems instead of just promoting (new) products, you also prove that

The sheer number of fans and Buy Instagram followers USA actually plays a subordinate role in building a good relationship. Understandably, from the outside, it makes an impression if a company profile has a number of followers in the six-digit range or higher. But

20,000 followers who regularly deal with the brand and its content, as well as purchase its products, are infinitely more valuable than 200,000 who actually ignore them.

-> Don’t leave the “social” out of social media presence

When in Doubt, Get Visual

Creative photos and videos always work!

Since the area of social media is very fast-moving due to the abundance of content, visual content has it easier: it can be grasped more quickly. Accordingly, you should primarily work with (moving) images and focus on easily comprehensible visualizations – and stage them as creatively as possible. Graphic collages, interesting infographics, small animations or animated gifs, general moving images, and short videos often say more than a thousand words. The Story function provides the perfect space to his community to create an unusually direct contact and allow them to participate in the daily business operations. In general, everything that moves, such as animations, gifs, short videos, etc., attracts the user’s important attention more quickly.

Always Keep an Overview

Editorial Plans for The Social Media Presence

With all the content options and ideas, an editorial plan helps not to lose track, to coordinate topics, and to avoid repetitions in the feed. With the help of the plan, you can also keep an eye on the timing of when which post goes live where. In this way, coordination of the schedule or the content itself can easily be made using the editorial plan. There are countless templates for this on the web. Editorial planning via Google Spreadsheets also works well. Professional social media management tools offer even more extensive planning and organization options for preparation and ongoing editing.

Stay Up to Date

Deal with the latest hashtags, memes, or the latest trends on the internet. This gives you the opportunity to jump on trends in good time and use them for your purposes. In addition, you can express the personality of the brand in this way.

Under the hashtags # 10Yearchallenge and # 2009vs2019, for example, celebrities, private individuals, and many companies can currently be seen on the social platforms and compare one of their current photos with a ten-year-old photo of themselves or their company. In this way, companies can show their past existence or the progress they have made over the years with just one picture. And it gives you the opportunity to share that moment with the community. Attention and viral potential are guaranteed.

 However, always keep in mind that the respective trend should suit your company and your target group. Indiscriminately participating in any type of meme or hashtag tends to have the opposite effect.

Social Media Advertising

Get The Ball Rolling with Good Targeting and Remarketing

In the perfect social media strategy of a company, social advertising is another important component. This individualized ad placement means that significantly more people are addressed who is very likely to be actually interested in the company’s message and content. The risk of wastage is therefore low. Smart social ads also make it possible to reach users who are interested in your topics but have not yet known your company. Combined with good retargeting, the conversion rate of a website can be increased significantly with the help of targeted advertising.


Social Media Presence Is a Question of Strategy and Creativity

A company’s social media presence requires well-thought-out strategic preparation, planning, and implementation. Content Relevant to the target group must be creatively staged, authentically prepared, and produced in current formats on an ongoing basis. Place the content in the right channels along the customer journey of your potential customers. Make your own online identity visible and take advantage of the latest trends. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Co. bring your company more relevant visibility, reach and ultimately have a positive effect on sales. In combination with sophisticated social advertising Social Link Hub, the desired effects are amplified depending on the objective.

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