How To Market An App Successfully

In the current scenario, we are at a stage where for all our simplest to complex tasks, we are dependent on mobile apps. You name it and you get an app for it, this shows how apps have become an integral part of our lives. Further its importance and usage cannot be undermined.

Now with the consistent development of apps there comes the competition in the app market which directly affects the business greatly. The app marketers play a prominent role in getting them connected to a large number of people on the global forefront.

How simple is it to get your app noticed?

As there is a surge of mobile apps, there is an increase in the number of apps, coming to the stores on a daily basis. This cycle has brought a ferocious competition, where every mobile app has to come forward to prove its worth. Now a mobile app is not just a digital presence, but a platform that provides convenience to the users to access your services, through their mobile phones only.

Hence, making it accessible and significant enough for the audience is the prime motive of every business, and once this process is accomplished, the next big question comes is to let the app reach to the targeted audience.

App marketing’s role

Now talking about marketing, mobile marketing can be considered as a fairly broad term, relating to mobile ads, apps, and mobile websites or just about any kind of marketing that happens on mobile.

Consequently, mobile app marketing is focused more on app promotion and apart from that more importantly on the connectivity and withholding the users who have already downloaded your app. With over 2.5 million apps on Apple App Store and nearly 3 million on Google Play, it is difficult for a potential user to get your app.

Thus, having a highly effective marketing strategy is essential for building a huge audience base for your app.

But then the question of ‘How’ arises which is exactly the thing that puts forwards the most successful brand in the top list of apps and they employ some super engaging tactics.

Social media marketing for apps

The greatest thing about social media marketing for your brand on highly popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, lets your app reach a lot of potential users and target the strategy that really helps your app grow among targeted users.

Push Notifications help your app get traction.

Push notifications are the alerts that appear on mobile device. They’re similar to a text message, and the benefits of having push notification feature, are:

  • Give a status update or alert;
  • Notify users about the special offers, major new features, or a highly relevant app update.
  • Use location to give users highly personalized messages;
  • Increase user engagement with your app–up to 88%.

With the improvisation of push messages, you can even give your users a rich experience. You can include text message, with an image, video, or audio file. As it’s obvious that purely text messages are boring to read and there’s no exciting element in that. On the other hand, a rich push notification will help to capture the users’ attention more quickly.

Users’ attention is drawn to the app gateway by In-App Messages

In-app messages are the messages that your users get while they are operating your app. Just like every marketing strategy this feature gives your business a strong sales point. The benefits of this strategy, are:

  • Show product updates and other product-related information;
  • Display confirmation on purchase and cancellations.;
  • Give a personalized recommendation or suggestion based on the previous history or the searches using keywords;
  • In an app store, ask for a review or a rating;
  • Increase the time of usage of your app by the customers.

Points to Keep in Mind

The complete cycle of marketing around your app helps in various ways, such as:

Improves mobile user experience by letting users perform actions like social sharing, entering information, and multitasking with their works thus, by creating a comfortable transition.

One thing to keep in mind is that no matter how successful you are at marketing, but your job is never done as the mobile app domain is dynamic and is continuously changing. Your app marketing strategies should be continuously improvised for future updates, changes, and the ways to keep customers engaged and loyal. It is quite important for you to get feedback from the customers, so you can make your customers comfortable with your offered services.

Finally, some thoughts

There are a lot of different strategies evolved over these years for mobile app marketing such as push notification and in-app messaging systems.

The point in marketing is how effectively you know your customers, the way you cater to their needs, your ability to allure, and getting the customers involved with you through the app and maintaining them.

It goes without saying, mobile app and marketing work together, and failing to implement the proven marketing strategies, can really bring a disaster for your app. Hence, it is recommended to keep a strong check on your strategies and give a platform to your digital solution to grow out of bounds.

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