How To Find Guest Posting Websites?

guest posting sites

Guest blogging is becoming popular day by day as more and more people are joining it. But is it publishable on other websites? Yes, is it more qualified to publish on another website, some kind of categorizing and bookmarking for it? Google gives more priority to websites that have more referral domains.

This talk of Google makes guest posting more important because it is a ranking factor. Here may be a friend of mine who has found out all his websites and needs to form the web site an authority within the accounting niche, but still has got to start from where or where to find guest posting sites. Let’s solve the problem of finding a highly authoritative website.

Benefits of guest posting

Guest posting has many benefits as it helps position your name in your industry. It also helps to create quality backlinks and get you to a high position in your industry. But sometimes it becomes a matter of serious problem when you are unable to find guest blogging sites. Here I even have listed some advance strategies for locating guest posting websites.

Best tips for finding guest blogging websites in any niche

  • Make a list of all guest blogging websites- Under this, we are only looking for sites that are of high quality and relevant to your blog or business and add them to your list. And after that, you have to determine whether the website is accepting free guest posts or not finding terms like guest posts or writing for us or any such relevant terms.
  • Search on Google – This is the best way for highly empowered sites that are accepting guest posts. You can narrow down your search such as submit your guest post which seems more attractive in search results. After obtaining a high-quality blog, you can contact webmasters on social media and it can provide you with a chance to publish guest posts on your blog.
  • Communities – These are communities created primarily to make contact with bloggers for guest posting. Two popular ones are My Blog Guest and Blog Synergy which are recognized by a lot of bloggers, which are used to build relationships specifically for guest posting.
  • Build rapport with your commenters- This is also a great way to get a free website for the purpose of sharing your guest posts on other websites. As commentators are your real appreciators on your website. They consider you as an authority and if you ask to post a guest, they will definitely and wholeheartedly welcome your offer.
  • Twitter Search – This is the easiest and safest way once you are checking out a high-quality guest post site. As to this, you ought to not just stress head over during a Twitter search and put your keywords with guest posts and during a few seconds, you’ll find high-quality sites that are accepting guest posts in your niche.
  • Reverse engineering of your competitor’s backlinks – this is also one of the great ways in which you don’t need to do much work to place a competitor’s link only within the backlink checker tool and appearance at domains that have provided them with a backlink. And then the job is simple. You need to write an article and ask your contestant for a backlink to get ahead.

Here I have told the best strategies which are specifically for earning backlinks from other websites and all of the above are to the best of my knowledge and easy to get high-quality guest posting websites.

Search operator to find guest blogging websites

  • “submit a guest post”
  • “guest post by”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “want to write”
  • “submit your post”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “accepting guest post”

List of guest posting sites for blog submission in 2020

Freelance graphic designer .com

Best Graphics Designer .com

Facebook Customer


The conclusion

After reading this you’ve got gained a basic understanding of getting a top quality website for high-quality backlinks in your niche. These techniques are best used and employed by many professionals to make quality backlinks.

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