How Tech Leaders Are Prioritizing Customer Experience

In order to improve the customer experience and software quality it is possible to bring together the tech leaders by arranging an event and inviting them in it so that they can discuss on how to make improvements. These events will help them in learning a lot from one another. There are many challenges that technology companies are facing in today’s climate. But in any situation providing good customer value need not to change. For supporting this, it becomes necessary to build a software that is customer-centric and it needs to be reevaluated by a number of leading companies of today’s era. Now I will describe in detail how tech leaders are prioritizing the customer experience.

1. Xero – At the table, it is possible to offer a seat to the customer so as to increase the customer satisfaction.

Xero is a SaaS company that is growing at a faster rate among the other companies in the world. The accounting software of Xero that is based on cloud is used by more than 2 million subscribers. The purpose is using any device anywhere for the business for connecting the subscribers to the right numbers. According to Emily Henlein every conversation’s center needs to be the consumers and she takes it as a mission. Her position at Xero is as the Executive General Manager of Design. Sometimes regarding the problems of the customers, the ideas of a number of people do not align when they are present in a meeting. According to Emily, “she is seeing a large number of consumer problems and also seeing that some good solutions are provided by a large number of people. It is for general and not for Xero only. Sometimes in spite of having enough knowledge of this the people start from the beginning and ask: for whom we are meant to solve the problem?” According to Raygun’s John Daniel-Trask, “the in demand or useful need not to be confused with cool”.

2. Tend – Using job stories to meet today’s customers changing expectations.

The Tend Healthcare’s Chief Product Officer and Founder is Josh Robb. In creating the software items across the world and in leading the teams he has experience of 20 years. In developing software how the role of the customer varies? He has worked on this properly. According to him the products of high quality have been included in the daily requirement of consumers. A user experience that is phenomenally polished is Instagram. As a result, a phenomenally high customer experience bar has been seen. For supporting that a lot of dollars around hundreds of millions are needed and it has not been realized by the consumers. The consumers want that in this way only, the working of the things need to be done. “So, for meeting the expectations of the consumers, what are we going to do? We need to think over this as well as about the software that the people are going to build. There is a possibility that someone else will do it if it is not done by us”. Thus, as per the changing demands like these how will the businesses keep up and what suggestions will be given by Josh over this? According to him we need to consider user stories and for this we have to look at the job stories, we need to do customer research and we need to ask the consumer about this.

3. Lancom – With the “wow” moments of the customer we need to prioritize the development time.

There are some popular topics like techniques of engineering prioritization, tracking experiences of customers. For these topics, the barrier can be limited time. Also, this has been expressed by our tech leaders that are 37 % among all. This question has been asked by the Lancom’s Group CEO, Waruna Kirimetiyawa. According to Waruna there is no need to think that we have to do so many optimizations if we are required to focus on the end-user.

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