How is the Structure of the Website?

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The quality of web pages must be highly valued and the pace of attracting customers. There is no need to doubt, this is very important, to refine the degree of reduction of each web page title, and to maintain the two kinds of relevance. For example, The article that people are going to write is about
“Trio Tec Digital SEO Improvement “. The topic of the article and the content of the article should focus on the promotion of Trio Tec Digital SEO.
Regardless of the text or the photos, it is important that the logo must try to convey the meaning of
“Trio Tec Digital SEO Improvement”. Only then can we consider the potential requirements of the vast majority of search customers searching for “Trio Tec Digital SEO Enhancement” and attract them to visit people’s websites.

Smoothly Increase the Frequency of Upgrading People’s Website Content

This one refers to the frequency of updating the total number of articles on the website every day.
Naturally, it can also refer to the frequency of updating the total number of articles every week or every month. It is important to be persistent when updating articles. Naturally, the frequency of upgrading articles is mainly determined by the manufacturing industry and the number of materials presented on the website, which is also related to the level of market competition in the manufacturing industry.
The total number of upgrades is determined based on the prerequisites for the quality and number of
original articles in each chapter. The ranking of long-tail words in original articles will be very good. This is because the google search engine loves fresh bloody nights and dislikes the waste chewed by others. If your website can be guaranteed to be updated once a day, this is already great, so you can always maintain this frequency and cultivate such a habit because then google search will more agree with your website, the website that has feelings for you.

The frequency of patronage on your website will also increase, and the cycle time for google snapshot updates will become shorter and shorter. If you want, you can still get up if your ranking is not update.

Select related external links, high-weight external links.

High-weight external links refer to high-weight websites that compete with the industry to add links to your website. The principle is very simple. The authoritative person strongly recommends you. Of
course, you will be noticed by many people and get praise and recognition. The higher the authority and the higher the relevance, the website strongly recommends your website. Google search and its
GOOGLE will also give you a high recognition, that is, website weight. Although the total number of
external Pakistan is better, a lot of Internet marketing social experience has long told people that the
quality of external chains is more critical than the total.

Streamline the structure of the website

What is the structural level of the website? From the perspective of statistical analysis: we can first use some SITEMAP query tools to crawl the total web pages of the website, and then compare the web pages that have been included in google in the webmaster statistics. Data information depends on how big the difference is. From the customer’s perspective: the waiting time of this web page and the number of clicks on the web page also reflect from the side whether the website structure is good for the customer experience.

If the customer is unclear about the website structure from the data and information, the bounce rate is high. The increasingly intelligent google crawler will also be deceived. This indicates that the structural level of the website must be improved as soon as possible. Websites generally have a flat type and a tree structure type. Generally speaking, it depends on the size of the website to determine which website structure is more suitable. For small and medium-sized company websites, a flat website structure is more suitable.
Second, for large and medium-sized portal websites, the tree-structured website structure is more
suitable for the maintenance and management methods in the middle and later stages. In addition, the breadcrumb navigation bar for large and medium-sized websites seems very important.
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