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Things are going change now, everything is available online. Peoples re looking for the things on website like e-ommerce site, food delivery and essentials , home maker thing and many more. Shops are now available online. In that case if you are not online available then this could be the lose for you.

Another part of this online world is there is race where they wants to be on the top of Google. When anybody searched for the somethings like a Gold ring and search online there will be number of sites comes on the first page but only some of them come on the top. So, how these sites come on the top of the search.

In that case many services are now available like Local Seo, PPC, google ads. They all charges for letting you come on the top. In this case some of them know about this and some of them not. Nowadays peoples are love to read the Blogs and get to know about their services.

What is Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the platform where you can write and share your ideas about your things on other’s website. You can write your blog and share it on other high authority sites. These are some some which offering the services to post your content on their site and get the traffic on your website through your blog. Peoples read your blog and visit your website.

In simple words – It mean’s posting your blog on another person’s website. So that you get the traffic on your site as well.

Guest Posting is the part of SEO

Many of the seo are using now the guest blogging to rank their website in top searches. The main thing about guest posting strategy is this create backlinks on some other person’s website. More backlniks can drive the more traffic on your website. When you write the blog the main thing it should contain the keywords which is related to your services or products. So that is peoples searches for that same thing which is you are offering then your website also can come up on the search results.

What is keywords in Guest posting

Keyword is the search term which is people use to type in the search box when they are looking for something online. Yes it’s not that difficult to know and understand . In SEO terms keyword is the word on which is used to give on that hyperlink, a word which is used to put the hyperlink on that. When peoples searches for something than those website’s which target that keyword their website come on the search result.

A keyword, or attention keyword as some call it, may be a word that describes the content on your page or post best. It’s the search term that you simply want to rank for with a particular page. So when people look for that keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, they ought to find that page on your website.

Let’s say you’ve got an internet site about pianos: you sell all sorts and kinds of pianos. You blog about what to seem at when buying a piano and you share reviews about the pianos you offer on your online shop. You sell digital pianos so you’ve created a product category page about digital pianos. Ask yourself this:

Here I am sharing with you some Guest posting sites which is free.

Before you go, there are one or two other things you should be cautious of when trying to get your posts out there.

At some point you’ll probably get asked to pay to publish something on a number site. Besides the question of whether this strategy is worth it economically, you also run the risk of getting caught.

Paying for links is actually explicitly against Google’s policy, and if they find you out, you could face a heavy manual reduction in your search engine rankings as a result.

Another thing to watch out for are private networks and dropped domains. These are just expired domains with a link profile. People take over these old domains, add some cheap content, and sell links.

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