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Digital art solution answers has supplied the quality exceptional software, digital artwork content, training, and help that lets in decorators to take a large bounce forward. Whether a decorator is beginning as a domestic-based aspect hustle or currently going for walks a a hit commercial enterprise, digital artwork solutions affords a higher manner to create pix, and a better way to grow. I am still trying to perfect my rhinestone craft anyway someone asked me if there was a way to do the faux rhinestone design project design space and yes there is um and hopefully this blog will be really short because all I’m gonna tell you is that if you’ve read my other blogs on how to you know create the rhinestone template and digital art solution transfer it over into design space to cut it out or download a rhinestone template prepare it too important to design space to cut out if you’ve already done that then this part will be a breeze so this one will be really short so basically you create a rhinestone template and when you cut it you’re not gonna cut it out a rhinestone template material I’m gonna use a holographic heat transfer vinyl to simulate the look of rhinestones it’s a technique called baby bling that I learned from the folks over at the rhinestone world and they have blog on it that are probably a lot more informative than this is gonna be this one is specifically for people who want to cut it out with their Cricut explore so basically if you if you figured out you know either from my blog or somewhere else how to cut the rhinestone template with your Cricut Explorer you’re already there all you have to do at that point is contrary weeded do not cut it out of rhinestone model material cut it out of glitter heat transfer vinyl a regular heat transfer vinyl it won’t Sparkle but it’ll have you know the little circles that give you that sort of a simulated rhinestone effect it just won’t Sparkle but I’m going to use a holographic HTV anyway. let’s jump into this real quick as you guys all know I typically use well in the blog saying well you sure cuts a lot to prepare my run some designs to take into Cricut design space so let’s hop over here and it’s just going to be a real simple one when you open up shorcuts a lot at least in mine this little library window pops up and so I am just gonna choose from the game section of the library this crown this crown is actually the first image I ever used to create a rhinestone template design so I know that a little little stone out well and pretty quickly so I’m just gonna take this image and I’m going to break it apart cuz I don’t want the whole crown I just want this just something quick so okay and I’m gonna highlight this and I’m gonna make it about like that nearly four inches wide yeah creeping up on four by four but but not quite there than anyway that’s as big as I’m gonna make it and then I can get rid of this little window here cuz I don’t need that right now okay so now I have the design that I want to work with I want to turn it into a rhinestone template now with the other rhinestone templates that are created I would also once the design itself was stoned out I would create a box what I call a weed box that I would put the drag the design into and then knock the design out of there so that that all you would be uploading into design space is the actual template the holes are already cut out cut out for purposes of bringing it into design space anyway enough about that let’s just go ahead and stone up this crown so and I would go to effects the design is already highlighted go to effects and select rhinestones and I’m gonna use size s s 10 that’s Sam Sam 1-0 simply because that’s the size I typically work with now you can preview what its gonna look like here so if I and I’m gonna select round stones before I forget to do that if you want to see what it would just look like in the outline of this design then just click preview at this point and it shows you there that’s what that shape just for kicks so I’m gonna check fill shape fill shake with stone and then click the preview button and there’s kind of your preview of it looks good to me so then I’m gonna click OK let me blow this up so I can see it a little better let’s take it up 75% and then scroll up here okay um looks pretty good now looks pretty good I don’t like what’s going on down here so I’m gonna select the design and then I’m gonna go to object and you can’t ungroup it but you can break it apart so I’m gonna break apart and I’m gonna go and I’m gonna delete these stones that I don’t like just select on and delete um I really hope that y’all can’t hear that dog barking yes he’s one of mine but his barking is kind of grating on the nerves right now anyway I hope you guys can’t hear him but I can’t okay so I’ve gotten rid of the stones that I don’t want this actually looks pretty good so I’m not gonna do anything else to it I’m gonna hit ctrl a to select the entire design and then I’m going to and I could have just hit ctrl ctrl G but instead I went under the object menu and select group okay so now we’re ready to take it to design space because we are not going to actually be cutting physical or actually cutting a template to drop physical rhinestones into so I don’t think we need the we’d box and what’s good about this technique I think is that you know I don’t have to leave it this same size and I’ll I’ll talk more about that when I get to design space I don’t want to get bogged down in that here okay so it’s already grouped we want to note the size even though it kind of doesn’t matter since we’re not using actual rhinestones but just for kicks note the width and the height here and the design is already selected so I’m gonna go to file and select export okay and I’m going to call it oh oh okay I’m gonna go here and save and when the export options box pops up remember we’re not going to do anything to it other than to select okay okay so now we’re ready to go over to design space and I’m going to create a new project sorry I should have already had that set up I do want this to be a quick blog I really do I tend to end up with blog that are long and I want to give you all the information but I don’t want to make your eyes glaze over either okay so I’m sorry I skip ahead okay so we’re here on our new project to bring that image in we’re going to go to upload images and click upload image and click browse there we go and here is our foe stone crown yay save ok and then we’re going to select that image insert it into our project wait does it’s not responding but I’m gonna just wait ok and if you guys have watched my other blog you know that I hate the way this looks over here I can’t stand it so instead of seeing all of that junk there I’m gonna tell it to I really want to tell it to weld I’m gonna well do and I probably should have checked the size before it came in but again because we’re doing faux faux rhinestone designs it’s it’s not gonna matter because we’re not dropping the physical stones in so if the holes are not the exact size that they would need to be for a rhinestone to be dropped into it’s no big deal because we’re not using stones anyway and now we have to wait for it to weld I hope this doesn’t take forever and I assume this will complete today but I may be making a huge assumption that digital art solution. I am going to put this blog on hold I’ll be back when it comes back and when you know the second that I turned the camera off it came back okay so here we have our welded image and we are ready to send it to the map for cutting here we go okay now we are going to be cutting this out using a holographic heat transfer vinyl the holographic heat transfer vinyl that I have is set up just like regular heat transfer vinyl so I’m I need to cut it in mirror image if it were a patterned heat transfer vinyl typically that pattern piece the pretty side is facing up near you near you facing you so you would not mirror you know cut it in mirror image but here and I mean here it really doesn’t matter unless you want the crown to look exactly like this once it’s pressed onto the garment if you don’t care then you don’t have to cut it in their image if we had a word digital art solution support here that you had to read you would have to cut it in mirror image at any rate we’re gonna cut it in my image so I’m gonna tell it to go and I’m going to stop the blog here and come back I’m gonna cut this out I am in a separate room from my actual machine so I need to step away go load the mat and actually put it you know set the the setting onto the appropriate material which will not be my rhinestone template setting at this point since we’re cutting it out of heat transfer vinyl so we’ll be back folks okay everybody so that’s how you do it I have to do some editing on this blog so I hope it does end up being a short one there were kind of a few hiccups with the internet and design space I’m not sure which one was causing the problem or if it was you know both of them at any rate at any rate I was able to get it cut out and you can see the finished result it looks like it is done in rhinestones on that cute little onesy so I hope you guys have fun with this project normally I’ll tell you the supplies at the beginning of the blog and I gotta say this fast before my dog starts barking or whining there he goes with the whining so you need a Cricut digital art solution training. Explorer with access to design space, of course, I use shortcuts a lot version 4 – you create the rhinestone design if that I uploaded into design space and I cut it out using a holographic heat transfer vinyl and place it onto an onesie so I hope you guys try the project out and until next time happy. okay you guys just very quickly I did go back and decide to put that design in a weed box just because it cuts out a little neater you know it’ll cut out in that nice square box that you’ll you know you’ll reverse weed off of the project any way I am going to link that file in the comments below if I can if I can’t figure it out I will also post it on the show-me crafty comm website so you guys take care have a great day happy stoning

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