Branding and SEO: the Importance of Google Recognizing You as a Brand

Seo and branding strategies

If you think that Branding and SEO are isolated strategies that cannot be worked on simultaneously, you are wrong. You should know that both enhance each other, so the results that are achieved are even greater.

Branding is a classic strategy, which through the years has made different brands can be positioned in the market to become great strengths trade.

On the other hand, SEO arises with digital marketing, being a strategy that seeks to achieve positioning in search engines, increasing the organic traffic that a website has.

Reading this, these definitions may not have a relationship to each other. However, if you analyze it logically, you will realize that both strategies can work together to improve the results of your business.

With this guide you will be able to understand how these two strategies are related and the benefits that this great combination will have for the growth of your brand.

How to define Branding and SEO?

In principle, the combination of Branding and SEO can be defined as the ability of a brand to be visible in search engines every time users are looking for it.

If you go to practice and connect the two terms, you will see how Branding is still very powerful. The domain you have on the Internet is going to be very important for Google, which will influence any SEO action you are going to carry out in your brand strategy, and which will favor search results.

It is also important to clarify that there are two ways for you to meet your goal of being visible on the Internet when a user is looking to meet a need:

  • Let him look directly for you . This would be a branding product, since your brand is known and, therefore, users want to go to it.
  • That they look for products or services and you are correctly positioned in certain keywords . This second path is directly related to SEO.

How are Branding and SEO Related?

When you think about SEO, you may notice that one of its main objectives is to achieve online positioning. However, behind this there is much more.

It is useless if you have good positioning if users are going to quickly enter and exit the website. This is just an example so that you understand that a strategy always has the main objective, but it will be necessary to go further to achieve optimal results.

On the other hand, Branding seeks to create and strengthen the image of your brand. This is something very important that you cannot ignore if you are working with SEO.

A Branding and SEO strategy is going to be an excellent way for you to achieve results that are permanent for your business.

How Does SEO help Improve Branding?

Currently, SEO collaborates with Branding in a way that you do not realize. Therefore, here you are going to know how both strategies help each other:

A.- Brand visibility

A brand that is well positioned will appear in the search results of the sector to which it belongs.

Even though users do not enter the URL as such, if the brand has a constant presence, it will be in the minds of consumers. And that is what Branding is looking for.

B.- Authority and Relevance

When your brand appears frequently before the doubts that consumers have, and users see that your content has comments and interactions, this will make your business become a reference in your sector.

Because of this, you are going to increase the authority you have in the market you are targeting.

C.- Linkbuilding

The first positions that search engines have are highly relevant, so it will be possible for other content to use yours as a reference. In this way, you will receive many more links from other pages with good authority.

The more links you receive, the Branding of your business will increase in total since the brand will grow and strengthen its authority and dominance.

How Does Branding Help Improve SEO?

If a brand is already strengthened in the market, there will be many users who will search for its name directly in search engines.

The results that are positioned in the first place will be the brand’s websites. As this is what users are looking for, 99.9% will click on the link.

Likewise, a brand can promote, at the same time, different initiatives in search engines so that Brand awareness is generated and fulfills its specific objective.

Currently, in social media a company can place a meme or something original so that users can search for information about the brand.

What Should You Keep in Mind to Improve your Branding and SEO?

There are many things you can do to improve the visibility of your brand in Google, but it is important that you know these 6 tips to create the best Branding and SEO strategy on the Internet.

1.- Optimize the Description of Your Website

There are many people who do not like indexing the “who we are” pages. However, this is an excellent way for you to position your name if the domain that your website has is generic.

Remember that Google and the rest of the search engines also crawl these pages and their content influences the way the search engine scores the websites.

2.- Use Plugins that are Similar to Yoast to Improve the Positioning of the Brand

If you are not using plugins like Yoast SEO or similar ones, you will be letting your CMS randomly choose the snipped that your page will have.

On the other hand, if you use a plugin that is of this type, you are going to define the rich snipped that you want to show in the search results that Google has .

In this way, you will take the opportunity to include an option where you show your first and last name in the SERPs , as well as your profession, specialty and content.

3.- Optimize the Texts of your Websites

You have to consistently describe what your goals are and what you do. Always include the keywords with which you want your brand to rank in Google . But yes, always do it together with your name.

In this case, you will be associating your personal name with a professional sector. For example: “Carlos Lorenzo networking” .

4.- Include your Brand Name in the Title of the Page

Thanks to this you will be able to improve your Branding and SEO considerably. And this why? Because Google robots, when they come to crawl your URLs, they read the title.

It is one of the techniques most used to associate a brand with a specific product, service or professional sector and thus enhance it.

A good idea is to include your name along with the keywords in the website title. For example “Digital Marketing Consultant, Carlos Lorenzo”.

5.- Choose Well What Will be the Name of Your Social Networks

Always remember that social networks also site that rank. Therefore, you have to choose the name and the description that you are going to put in your profiles carefully.

If you choose to put your first and last name in a social network, it is necessary that you do it in the rest of them. Thus, you will favour that the results of the SERPs are consistent with each other while a search is being carried out by your first and last name.

One recommendation is that you optimize your LinkedIn profile as much as possible, placing your name, a custom URL and the description. This should be done because LinkedIn is one of the platforms that Google ranks best.

6.- Guest Blogging is a Differentiating Factor

If you write articles as a guest blogger for other blogs that have great authority, you should know that it is one of the techniques that professionals are using the most today to increase the visibility and relevance it has in the digital world.

Therefore, it will help a lot to improve your brand in terms of Branding and SEO. This is more interesting when you are a beginner in this world and you have a blog that you have created a short time ago.

To make yourself known in society, it will be necessary for many people to visit you, so you will not get it as a beginner or a stranger in the sector.

Branding and SEO are strategies that must be worked on simultaneously. Some of its characteristics work together naturally. However, it is essential that you unify them so that you get more optimized results.

Today, SEO is highly valued, but it alone does not work miracles. So use these two techniques and see the difference!

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