6 Ways How To Make Money with Blogging ($10,000+Per Month)

how to make money by blogging

Are you also love to write and want to share your thoughts with the world, Yeah there are lots of people out there who write what they are specialized in. Think about this. Those peoples also write and earn through those blogs. There are lots of ways through which you can make money with blogging.

I also started writing a few years ago but after some time I was started thinking about earning money by writing.  You can monetize your blog and your passion.

If you don’t understand how can you make money through youtube, Instagram, and blogger full-time influencers, then here I will let you know how can you make money and how I earned every month $1000 per month through blogging.

So, I was always wondering If I could earn money at home and can travel the world without any holiday issues and facing the issue of granting leaves by my Boss.

So, I started exploring Pinterest about how to earn money at home or through work from home. There are some ways like doing surveys and earning money, filling forms, creating courses for the website, doing book reading and reviews, making infographics and sharing on high-level websites,s, etc. So, I had created a course related to my subject and sell it on the website.

By doing this I had earned money approx $30 and then I spend this money on shopping and some important things. But this is not much enough to live and travel the world easily.

So, Once again I had started finding a way to make money, I used to start typing on how to make $1000 per month by, logging. And there I found some ways.

So I decided to start my own blog and I spend approx $70 and give it a chance for the try. Then I started writing blogs and there is not just in a day I got $300 or something. This was just the blog and there is nothing happened instantly.

Whatever research I had done does not make any sense. So, I thought now how to make money by just writing these blogs, How will I make money and who is going to pay me for this. Those research what I did their only thing is common that they earn through affiliate marketing, sponsorship, Google Adsense, etc. But there is not include how they did this, how to get sponsorship, how to get google AdSense and affiliate product.

Everything was for the clicks of a course that is not want to get clicked by those attractive titles like How to make money with blogging.

So again I had started doing research and making notes and doing writing blogs. A month without my knowledge I started earning $40 then $80 and then $150 by my first month of Blogging. I had kept it continue with my job and after a few months I earned a lot of money, I can definitely quit my job and can start doing full-time blogging.

Here Is the Ways How to Make $10000 Per Month From Blogging

Here is the list of Earning Sources through Blogging

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Physical Products if you have
  • Sell eBooks and Courses
  • Accept Guest post
  • Start a Podcast
  • Google Adsense

Established an Amazon Affiliate Store:

Creating an Amazon affiliate marketing store is super easy, and that could be the best choice, as selling that physical product handling the cost and burden of selling these things can be the biggest burden. Through amazon affiliate marketing you just need to share the product link on your website, so that people can visit through that link and you can earn commission and when you have maximum visitors on your website and it can be double the commission and earnings.

  • Establish an Amazon product online store that promotes the product.
  • Add Amazon products to your eCommerce store.

Selling Physical Products if you have:

If you have already an eCommerce store or storefront which you want to make global and now you can sell those products through your blog too.

Online shopping is so popular today and you can make a ton of money through your store. There are lots of ways to sell your products through blogs.

Now you have to just establish an eCommerce store on WordPress for easy access there is a plugin available like WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can easily access the website and can customize it easily. There are many options are available in the plugin by that you can make a ton of money.

Google Adsense:

Here is another way to make money by Blogging is to just place ads on your Blog which is seen by the other visitors who visit the website. Google ads and also other ad networks are available you can use anyone but the best you can prefer google Adsense.

You can earn through your blog when visitors click on the website’s ads, you make earning in your Adsense account.

But for taking the Google Adsense approval you need to post few blogs before and need to follow all the guidelines which are mentioned in the guidelines. After that, your Adsense account can be approved within 24 hours through the mail.

Sell eBooks and Courses:

If you are good enough at your subject and if other peoples like to read more about your services and product then it is a good idea to sell your course. People will love to read more about your services through courses, newsletters, and emails.

If you have great ideas, tips and information then the audience will love to buy eCourse from you.

You can easily set your Online courses through LMS plugins,  also Memberpress plugin also there, which is a membership plugin, and also build an online course. The best thing about this course is to use the course upfront and can launch the course here. If someone buys the course then you can get the passive income.

These courses sell at higher rates than other monetization blogs.

Guest Posting:

Accepting guest posting on your website can be the best idea, while many peoples accept guest posts on their website for free but you can charge for those posts if you want to earn through the blog.  But for that, your website should have huge traffic and higher domain authority of your website. By accepting guest posts and articles on your website you can have always fresh content on your website and can make your income. For guest posts, you need to use a plugin like WPForms.

With this WPForms plugin, you can allow users to post on your website without allowing them to login into your admin area. You can make many customized changes with that you can have the user’s information of bloggers.

Start a Podcast:

Peoples love to listen to some good speakers, So you can also create your episodes of podcasts of something in which you are specialized.  Make your audience fall in love with your voice and make your brand. Here you can share your campaigns and codes with the listeners.  Locate your users to some specific landing pages and make money.

Final Thoughts:

Here we have discussed some make money with blogging ideas you can prefer through work from home. If you will continue doing the things you will definitely going to earn a lot of money like me. Now I earn money by sitting at home.

To be a dedicated blogger you need to love your work and the topic you are working on. Many peoples just write the blog to get the clicks of affiliate links and get more traffic on the website. This behavior is very unprofessional.

Many peoples now want to be bloggers like fashion bloggers, food bloggers, and many more, Just love the work this will keep you being professional and will keep you growing your career as a Blogger.

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