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Anatomical Terms of Location and their Functions in Human Body

Commontermsregarding location include medial and lateral. Medial mean towards the midline while lateral means away from the midline.For instance, the brachial artery is medial to the biceps tendon. Other terms include anterior and posterior, superior and inferior. Anatomical planes include the median and midsagittal plane, the parasagittal plane, frontal and coronal plane and the transverse […]

Most Impressive Anniversary Gift Ideas for Beloved Wife

Anniversaries always remind us of the remarkable events of our life. There come many occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and famous festivals when we have to spread happiness. A marriage anniversary is a memorable event for a married couple when they have to refresh their wedding vows together. It also allows them to strengthen their […]

PoSH Training Via Animated Videos Has No Effect

Live-activity Videos v/s Animated Videos for PoSH Training  In the wake of having this discussion, I chose to place my musings into this blog entry, to disclose why associations need to have hostile to sexual harassment preparing programs dependent on recordings that depict genuine characters.  There are numerous associations that are exclusively founded on giving […]

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