Author: Hope Peterson

I am Hope Peterson, an American citizen and over 5 years I’ve developed a quite obsession with travelling and exploring different places around the world. I left my job and started travelling to new places. As an incredibly active traveller, I’ve experienced many adventures: skydiving over the swiss alps, shouting from the peak top mountain in the world (Kilimanjaro). My main aim of travelling new places is discovering, exploring, doing adventure and I blog about my travels not only to inspire everyone but to provide proper tips & guidance so that you can experience the same. Solo travelling and exploring the world’s most fantastic destinations is always a fun thing to do. Having visited around 40 countries across the 7 continents, I’ve gathered enough knowledge about what the world has to offer and what amazing places our world has. Whether it is skydiving, climbing the world’s tallest mountain, biking on the world’s deadliest roads, bungee jumping or diving in blue water, I’ve succeeded in all adventure travel. In my opinion, there is nothing I am afraid to try in order to motivate all to get out of regular hassles and travel the world. My travel journeys are about exploration, discovery, adventure, cultural immersion and I believe that adventure can be attained at any age. There is only one life, one world, so don’t waste your time and explore the beautiful world.
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